Letter to the Editor: Resident concerned over VBM system

Resident concerned about vote-by-mail system

This year’s letter from the County Clerk states “To limit unnecessary exposure to the pandemic, the election will be conducted mostly by Vote by Mail Ballot. Per the new law, you cannot vote in a machine at the polls. The Governor ordered the General Election to be conducted primarily by mail. All active registered voters are automatically being sent a Vote by Mail Ballot.”

I am convinced this is a major breach of Constitutional protocol, for the following reasons:

First: The counties registered voter records are flawed. Example: My daughter has lived in Florida since 2008 and she received a NJ Vote by Mail Ballot.

Second: Once you put your ballot in the mail, you will never know if: your vote was received, not changed, or even counted.

Example one: U.S. Postal worker Nicolas Beauchene, of Kearny, NJ was arrested by Federal Prosecutors when 99 general election ballots were recovered from dumpsters in North Arlington & West Orange, on Oct. 2 and Oct. 5.

Example two: New York Post article from 8/29/20: A disgruntled Bernie Sanders supporter and former top Democratic operative outlines exactly how he and 20 people committed voter fraud with mail in ballots over the past 20 years, claiming that “there is no race in Jersey we haven’t worked on”.

They copy their own ballots, convince other people (specially conservative seniors) to let them mail the ballots for them – then steam open the envelopes and replace the ballots with the copies, re-seal the same “official” envelopes and distribute them in various mailboxes.

Our Constitution’s 15th Amendment reads: “The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged.” Abridged means “diminished”. The Governor’s new law certainly accomplishes this. If you can go food shopping, you can certainly go vote at the polls!

– Glenn Albert