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Deptford fall leaf collection begins Oct. 26

The collection is divided by zone, with each visited three times

Deptford Township has released its fall leaf collection schedule. The collection is divided by zone, and each zone will be visited three times for collection. Officials ask residents be patient, as the schedule is subject to change due to weather conditions.

In order to have a smooth leaf collection, the following guidelines should be followed. Keep leaves away from vehicles and do not park on leaf piles. Leaves should be placed at the curb free of any rocks, branches, twigs, dirt, pet waste, horse manure or other debris. No plastic bags should be used. Those who do not place their leaves at the curb for this pickup will need to wait for the spring clean up program or yard waste program.

The zones are as follows:

• Zone 1: Blackwood Terrace, Almonesson, Garden City, Sunset Park, Hunter’s Gate, Willow Ridge, Woodmere Mews, Heritage Woods, Valley Green Estates. Boundary Limits: Almonesson Road, Rt. 41, Clements Bridge Road, Bull Run Creek and all adjoining residential streets.

• Zone 2: Westville Grove, Westville Oaks, North Woodbury, Woodbury Gardens, Locust Grove, Blanchard’s Landing, Ladd’s Landing, Heritage Development, Patriots Ridge. Boundary Limits: Deptford Avenue, Delsea Drive (Rt.47), Cedar Avenue, Old Broadway and all adjoining residential streets.

• Zone 3: Oak Valley, Pine Acres, Mantua Terrace. Boundary Limits: Route 45, Deptford/West Deptford borderline to Jersey Avenue, Woodbury Heights Boundary Line.

• Zone 4: Deptford Leas, Bexhill Farms, Windemere, Stonybrook Homes, Gardenville center, Cooper Village, Almolind Homes, Woodbrook. Boundary Limits: Fox Run Road, Delsea Drive (Rt. 47), Almonesson Road, NJ Turnpike and all adjoining residential streets.

• Zone 5: Hammond Heights, Jericho, Deptford Terrace, New Sharon, Lake Tract, Narraticon, Barlow Tract, Country Club Estates, East Woodbury,Lakebridge, Brookmill Homes, Sage Hill.  Boundary Limits: Delsea Drive (Rt. 47) – Cooper Street, Glassboro Road, Tanyard Road, Cattell Road, Highland Avenue and all adjoining residential streets.

• Zone 6: Sewell, Lakes of Bankbridge, East Wenonah, Loucroft Farms, Bridlewood, Tanyard Oaks. Boundary Limits: Tanyard Road, Salina Road, Bankbridge Road, Delsea Drive(Rt. 47) and all adjoining residential streets.

The leaf collection is as follows:

• Zones 1 and 6: Oct. 26-30; Nov. 18-20 and 23-24; Dec. 11 and 14-17

• Zones 3 and 5: Nov. 2, 4-6, 9, 25 and 30; Dec. 1-3, 18, 21-24

• Zones 2 and 4: Nov. 10, 12-13 and 16-17; Dec. 4, 7-10, and 28-31; Jan. 4

Learn more at deptford-nj.org.

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