Delran Historical Society wants to document pandemic

Residents can be part of local history by submitting COVID-19 stories

Delran Historical Society
Special to The Sun

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The Delran Historical Society would like local residents to be a part of our local history by helping our society document these unprecedented times of the last seven months.

The society wants to make sure that, in the future, people will be able to look back in our collection and see how Delran and all of our residents were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our board members thought that our society needed to have a project that would document this rare time but we wanted to do it in a way that involved the community,” said P.J. Buzzi, the vice president of the Delran Historical Society said. “Our society is always looking for new ways to outreach into the community, just like we did with the Delran History Day event.”

Submissions could be in the form of a few sentences, an essay, photos, artwork, etc. The society plans to create a file in our archives that will hold all the submissions. In the future, the Delran Historical Society will display some of these submissions in display cases at the municipal building and possibly on our website and rotate them periodically, too.

“I hope that this project will help local residents to take a moment to think about their lives and help them realize what is truly meaningful and important to them.” Buzzi explained. “Personally, the lockdowns and closures during the pandemic have made me realize how much I value meeting new people and how I enjoy going to local events and places like the County Farm Fair, Nature Parks and Museums. And I know that after the pandemic is over that I will have an even greater appreciation for the personal connections I make and the places that I go to.”

Residents interested in participating in this project can send their submissions by email – – or to the society’s mailing address, PO Box 1201 Delran, NJ 08075.

The board of the Delran Historical Society wishes all of local residents good health and safety through these trying times and looks forward to having interesting events that get everyone in the community involved again after the community gets through the pandemic together.

PJ Buzzi is the vice president of the Delran Historical Society.

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