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CHPD employing new tech

The department is researching and testing new technology for officers.

The following is a release from the Cherry Hill Police Department:

The Cherry Hill Police Department is researching and testing new technology for officers to incorporate on their duty gear to assist them with the activation of their Axon body worn camera systems. Axon’s Signal Sidearm monitors when an officer draws their weapon from the holster and automatically activates all of the cameras including those mounted in radio patrol cars which are in the vicinity of that officer. 

The Signal Sidearm technology alleviates the responsibility from the officer to activate the recording systems during times of unanticipated stress or confrontations.

 “When law enforcement officers must draw a weapon, the last thing they should worry about is their technology,” said Axon CEO and founder, Rick Smith.

 This technology is relatively new to our area and will increase the likelihood of an entire incident being documented for later analysis. Signal Sidearm is a small sensor which is mounted to the holster of each individual officer. The department is targeting the early part of 2021 to deploy the sensors to all patrol officers and detectives. The Cherry Hill Police Department is committed to using the latest technology to ensure transparency and maintain the public’s trust.

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