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Meet the Candidates: Evesham Township Council

Get to know the candidates on the Evesham Township ballot.


Name: Ken D’Andrea

Occupation: Healthcare Administration

Political Affiliation: It’s About Evesham

Clubs / Organizations: Evesham Celebrations Foundation (Taste of Evesham, Harvest Fest, Independence Day Celebration, Winterfest, Turkey Trot), Marlton Recreation Council, Marlton Soccer, Saint Joan of Arc Parish, Marlton Sons & Daughters of Italy, New Jersey League of Municipalities, World Tae Kwon Do Federation, Pride in Evesham

Why are you running for re-election?
I was fortunate to be raised and schooled in Evesham. Due to those great experiences, my wife Laurie and I placed our roots here and have raised two (now, college-aged) children here. As a lifelong resident, I remain extremely passionate about Evesham. Since the township has provided me with much opportunity, I wanted to give back and offer my business and engineering skills, experiences, and successes to continue to make this township a great place to live, raise a family, and remain inclusive and integrated. In looking back over my tenure as a councilperson, I have been successful at fulfilling my campaign promises and partnering with all of my colleagues to meet the needs of our community. Our collective goals as stewards of the community are to listen, be open and approachable, use fiscal discipline to control our municipal taxes without reducing services, and act with humility. I have established relationships across the diverse spectrum of residents and businesses which could allow us to continue our success.

We need to protect our residents, communities, and businesses; we need to keep taxes stable; we need to pick up trash, pave and plow the roads; we need to offer recreational opportunities both passive and active; we need to be transparent with our decisions; we need to support our businesses; we need to continually communicate and be inclusive with everyone. All of these responsibilities transcend any political affiliation. A more engaged community and a more knowledgeable community leads to a more prosperous community.


Name: Ginamarie Espinoza

Occupation: Constituent Services Director for South Jersey Congressional Office

Political Affiliation: Democrat

Clubs: Director of the Evesham Farmers Market

Why are you running for election?
To me, there is nothing more important than supporting our local families. Everyday, I aim to do that by serving local constituents and connecting them with vital government services. Now, I want to help people the same way in my hometown. After getting married at St. Joan of Arc Church and settling in Evesham, I became director of the Evesham Farmers Market as a way to bring our community together. Now, my family has purchased our first home in town, and we recently welcomed our first child. I’m running to help all of Evesham’s families. 


Name: Stephen Fortino

Occupation: Healthcare Executive

Political Affiliation: It’s About Evesham

Clubs / Organizations: Marlton Recreation Council – Soccer Trainer (Hall of Fame Inductee); Cherokee High School Girls Soccer – Varsity Asst. Coach; Evesham Celebrations Foundation; American Society of Health System Pharmacy; Sports Unity – Coach; Flyers Youth Special Hockey – Coach; CHOP – Crohn’s and Colitis Walk; Relay For Life Marlton – Executive Committee; St. Joan of Arc Parish

Why are you running for election?
My parents moved our family from South Philly to Marlton in 1969. Everyone said they were crazy for moving “out to the country,” but for us it was a move up, not out, to a 4-bedroom 2-1/2 bath house, with basement and a big yard for the price you’d pay for a small car today. The bonus was the outstanding school system, the value of which I didn’t fully appreciate until I was accepted to Villanova. 

The Evesham of my youth was a great place to grow up. So I never left. My wife Debbie and I raised three beautiful daughters here. I was involved with the schools, sports and the community during their childhood because I wanted their experiences to be even better than mine. 

But my community involvement started well before. I was coaching at 17 and continue to be involved to this day through our sports programs, programs for special needs athletes, community planning and non-profits.

My experience in business has taught me the value of leadership, inclusivity and the ability to work in a team environment for common goal. While working, I earned an MBA at St. Joe’s. This prepared me to successfully run a group of over 100 employees, with profit and loss responsibility.

Now I want to utilize my Evesham and business experience to move Evesham forward.  The time is perfect for me to step up to be a resident representative because, for me, It’s All About Evesham.


Name: Eddie Freeman

Occupation: Attorney

Political Affiliation: Democrat

Clubs / Organizations: Evesham Human Rights Advisory Council

Why are you running for election?
I am running this race to further my commitment to public service. I moved to Evesham after serving our country in Afghanistan, graduating law school, and taking a job at a legal services clinic. Working now as a local attorney, I began looking for ways to get involved in the community. I am now chair of the Evesham Human Rights Council, and I am looking forward to serving my neighbors on the Township Council.


Name: Jason S. Inglessis

Occupation: Research materials sales

Political Affiliation: Republican

Clubs / Organizations: Evesham Republican club, St.Thomas Greek Orthodox
Church, The Citadel Alumni association, Friends of Black Run Preserve.Hello Evesham neighbors!

Why are you running for election?
My name is Jason Inglessis, Republican candidate for Town Council. I am a proud father of two boys (ages 7 and 10). I was born and raised here in South Jersey. My wife Joanna and I chose Evesham in 2008, because of its great schools, low taxes and safe community.

Working in a local family business brings many responsibilities which I feel has given me a broad range of experiences to serve our community.

I have had the pleasure of coaching my sons in many local sports. My family and I are also active members of St. Thomas Church.

I am running for Town Council because I am concerned about the direction our town is heading.

As a parent with two boys in our public school, it concerns me greatly that only one member of our Town Council has publicly sworn not to defund our police. Our police provide protection officers to each of our towns public schools, these officers could be lost if a defunding effort moves forward.

The second issue is the impact to our town’s businesses as a result of COVID-19. Therefore we will need innovative solutions to attract business back to Evesham to avoid raising property taxes.

Finally the Town Council make up is currently three Democrats, one Republican, and one Independent. The Republican and Independent seats are up for election. It’s important to consider that one party rule will not provide a diverse voice for the whole community.


Name: Drew Wilson

Occupation: Project Management Lead

Political Affiliation: Republican

Clubs / Organizations: Evesham Republican Club Leadership Committee, Burlington County Republican Committee, St. Isaac Jogues Parish

Why are you running for election?
Hi Evesham! I am Drew Wilson and I’m running for Evesham Township Council. I am a proud father of two (ages 2 & 4), husband, & Evesham homeowner, and like many of you – I am truly invested in Evesham Township’s future. 

I grew up in South Jersey and graduated from Rutgers University, so I’ve been aware of Evesham Township and it’s outstanding reputation for nearly my entire life. Over 10 years ago, I joined the Team Evesham Cycling Club, and not only did it give me an opportunity to experience Evesham and meet some of the incredible people that reside here, it helped me realize that Evesham was the only place I wanted to be. Now, as an Evesham homeowner for the last 7 years, I know that my wife and I picked the perfect place to start our family. 

Having served as a member of the Evesham Township Zoning Board, I have key experience and insight into how things get done at the township level. Add this to my years of experience efficiently and successfully bringing multi-faceted projects to fruition working for a Fortune 500 healthcare company, and you can rest-assured that I will be ready to put my skills to work on day one.

As a member of council, I will work to ensure that Evesham is the safe, family-friendly, and economically vibrant town that we know it can be, while seeking new opportunities for efficiency and offering a fresh voice for residents here in town.

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