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Meet The Candidates: Delran Council

Four residents offer up why they should be elected to council positions.

Leading up to the 2020 election, The Delran Sun is running a three-week Meet the Candidates series. In this first week, candidates running in the 2020 election for Delran Council provide some background on who they are and why they’ve chosen to run. 

Joseph Joyce

Parts manager at PER-FIL Industries

Delran fire department


I handle both customers and vendors to make sure that our equipment in the field is working. We have made equipment that is being used to respond to COVID-19 in both the pharmaceutical and food industry.

My job requires me to problem solve on a daily basis and, no matter how big or small the customer, everyone gets treated with the same level of service. I have worked for over nine years with PER-FIL and I enjoy every moment of it.

I am running for Council this year because I love Delran and I want to help my community grow and thrive. We wholeheartedly believe that we can work together to make Delran a fair and safe place for everyone and if elected we promise to work tirelessly for the residents of our town. We pledge to you we will help stabilize the tax rate and provide transparency. I invite any resident who has any questions for me to reach out directly to me at (908) 399-1888.

Our lines are always open to the residents of this town and we promise to listen to everyone and make sure that their voices are heard on whatever issue they are having.


Tyler Burrell for Council at Large

Third year Student at Penn Law


Born and raised in Delran, I played AA baseball and fished at Amico Island after school with friends. I am truly the product of my hometown. When I was very young, I became determined to serve others and advance the “the greater good” of my community by giving back to the community that built me.

That goal drove me to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, become a founding Vice President of the nonprofit, Delran Education Foundation, and serve on the Delran Recreation Advisory Committee.

In 2016, I was the youngest elected Councilman in the State of New Jersey and in 2018 my peers made me the Vice President of Council. Focused on my goal to make Council more accessible, I worked with Council to live stream all council meetings, create the Township’s inaugural Facebook page, and modernize Delran’s website.

Working on expanding recreation events, Council increased funding and I coordinated Township and RAC efforts to pioneer the Winter Festival and the Delran Night Out, with fireworks, after a nearly 20 year hiatus.

Rounding out my efforts to serve the greater good beyond Delran, I am an advocate for victims of workplace discrimination at the law firm where I work while attending law school.

All in all, my philosophy is simple: I work for people who need help. I would be honored to serve again as your Councilman, and will continue my work for you each and every day.


Lynn Jeney for Council at Large

Retired Businessman


Forty-two years ago, my new bride, Sue, and I chose to settle in our first home in Delran, on Lichtenthal Street. We later moved to Moreland Drive and we now live on Cranberry Lane. We love Delran and have had the opportunity to make friends in three different neighborhoods. That love of Delran led me to dedicate decades to public service here in town.

I spent 16 years on Delran’s Board of Education, six years as president. During that time, the BOE stabilized the school tax even while being underfunded by the state.

Then, I served as a member and on the board of directors of the Delran Business Association, four years as Treasurer, to work with other business owners helping to strengthen our business community. For the last five years, three as the Chairperson, I was honored to serve on the Zoning Board of Delran, working to make sure that the town’s ordinances were interpreted and enforced appropriately.

Before retiring, I spent 10 years as a realtor helping many Delran residents and nearby neighbors through the most important purchase of their lives. Having lived in the many neighborhoods in Delran really helped me find my clients a home and a neighborhood that truly fit their lifestyle.

I look forward to bringing my broad experience and common sense approach to budgeting to Township Council. If elected, I will use my experience and work with the current Council to keep taxes stable, improve the infrastructure, and maintain Township services.


William Kelly, Republican candidate for Delran Council, did not respond to requests to submit information for the first part of this series.

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