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Letter to the Editor: Can we see you?

Fall is in the air and the days have become cooler, the days shorter and the nights are getting longer. This means your friends and neighbors who volunteer with Indian Mills Volunteer Fire Company/Shamong EMS and your local agency, will be providing more of the emergency services we all rely on during the dark of night.

The professionals in our company are well trained and equipped to work during the dark but when each minute counts, we might be delayed if we cannot find your address in the dark!

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We ask every resident and business to look at the front of your property. Is your street address clearly visible? If you do not have a roadside mailbox, is there a sign with your street number next to your driveway? Can we read it in the dark?

There is a product on the market we neither endorse or use, but its developer, a paramedic, tells a powerful story on why it is important for you to help us find you quickly during an emergency. You can read his story at

The changing of the clock back to standard time is a good reminder to check the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These devices are important year round, but more so now with the start of the heating season.

Volunteers are always needed. Free training, please contact me.

Joe Everman

Deputy Chief, EMS Operations


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