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Equine rescue is raising funds to take in two horses

The mother-and-baby pair were taken from a "kill pen" but still need help

Special to The Sun: Medford’s Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue is raising funds to rescue a mother-and-baby pair of horses, Goldie and Gracie.

Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue (FAER) is racing to save two horses currently scheduled for slaughter.

The Medford rescue needs to raise $10,000 to pay the pair’s medical bill in order to take ownership of the ailing mother horse and her baby. Goldie and Gracie, the mini mare and her foal, are currently held at University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine; FAER will take them in as sanctuary horses—but their current owner will only relinquish them to the rescue if the bill is paid. Additionally, Goldie will require ongoing medical care once she is transferred to a permanent home.

According to FAER owner Darlene Supnick, the pandemic has halted much of the rescue’s typical fundraising efforts, making it difficult to quickly finance removing the two horses from their current situation. And with the horses still owned by a “kill buyer,” or the broker who runs the pens that abandoned and unwanted horses are held in until they’re shipped to slaughter, Supnick said that potential donors are reluctant to donate until the horses are in FAER’s care.

However, Supnick added, as a nonprofit, FAER can’t accept donations for horses it doesn’t currently have in its care. Donors can also give directly to University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and note that the funds are for Goldie and Gracie through PayPal by donating to 610-444-7777.

Pints 4 Pets will be holding a fundraising event at FAER’s Waterford farm Oct. 20, its Seventh Annual Night Out on the Horse Farm, with proceeds benefiting FAER. There will be food and drink, a horsemanship demonstration, appearances from local elected officials, and the presentation of the Friends of the Animals award.

The rescue is accepting donations for the care of its current sanctuary residents and maintenance of its locations. 

Visit FAERNJ.com for more information about Forgotten Angels Equine Rescue.

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