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Katz continues Parkinson’s programming, outreach

Their program serves all of South Jersey and Philadelphia.

The Katz JCC Continues to serve the Parkinson’s community through the pandemic. We are serving our members with a full week of movement classes and webinars. Each month is filled with uplifting and stimulating classes to keep their disease from progressing. Without exercise people with Parkinson’s decline quickly. Our program has given them a way to stay in the game. Our classes are done on Zoom with music and motivation. Our coaches are ready each day with exercises to challenge and improve balance and cognitive skills.

Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurological disorder in the world. At this time, they predict that we will at least double the amount of people with Parkinson’s if we do not take action and bring more awareness to the problem. 

Our program serves all of South Jersey and Philadelphia, however now that we are virtually based and plan to keep this part of our programming even when we return to the building, we can help people all over. Those who do not have transportation or services in their communities. It also enables people to come to the classes more frequently than they could in person. 

While COVID has stopped many in their tracks, it has shown people with Parkinson’s how to fight back every day in their own homes and take control of their lives.

Our fighters are strong and smart and are not giving up.

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