Monroe council welcomes new police chief at promotion ceremony

Council promotes officers and hires two new ones

Monroe Township welcomed a new police chief and deputy chief at its promotion ceremony before a scheduled council meeting on Aug. 24.

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Police Chief James V. DeHart III retired Aug 1, after serving for 15 months. He was succeeded by Deputy Chief David Dailey, with the deputy role filled by Capt. Mike Rebecca. 

“Dave Dailey is a great man of integrity and he is very detail oriented,” said councilman Greg Wolfe. “Mike Rebbeca is another great person who has been a career law enforcement officer, and he served in our K9 bureau. 

“Between the two of them it is a great tandem, and they’re going to do a lot of great things. Hopefully they will take the police department to the next level.”  

The promotion ceremony also welcomed captains and lieutenants who were promoted to new positions. Council also approved the hiring of two additional law enforcement officers with years of experience who will be lateral transfers from state departments.

“With a new recruit, you have all the expenses of putting them in the academy. Then, they’re going to come out and have to ride with a field training officer for much longer,” Wolfe said. “It’s kind of cost effective, where we get these guys on the street faster where there is a need, and you don’t have to wait that seven-month period.

“If people retire, we can fill the needs right away.”

Upkeep of streets was also on the minds of Monroe residents at the council meeting. Resident Mike Mellace raised concerns about the Scotland Run development, whose roads he said need serious repairs to be safer for residents. 

“I asked Sgt. Burton (traffic safety officer) and Public Works Supervisor Mike Trevelo to go out and tour along with Nick Mercado (Public Works director),” said councilman Joe Marino. “They would be looking for any safety issues with the intersections in that neighborhood. It was a big concern for that resident.”

The men assessed the area on Aug 26 and will address their concerns at the next council meeting on Sept. 14.

In other news:

  • Teacher of the year awards were finally announced at the meeting.   Usually done in March, council postponed the announcement due to COVID, so families might be able to attend. Certificates will be sent to the teachers in the mail. They are:

Gina Angelozzi-Gazzo – Williamstown High School

Cheryl Imbesi – Williamstown Middle School

Melodey Kleva-Forchic – Holly Glen Elementary School

Pamela Gethers – Oak Knoll Elementary School

Monica Giagunto – Radix Elementary School

Kathleen Beck – Whitehall Elementary School

  • Council approved the purchase of two new trash trucks for Public Works. The first is a rear load and the second is a single-arm vehicle.
  • The new Holiday Inn, previously Best Western on the Black Horse Pike, received approval for additional rooms.
  • The Sept. 14 council meeting will begin at 8 p.m.


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