Monroe Township Board of Education announce new superintendent

Dr. Susan Ficke to increase visibility as head of what she calls a ‘diverse’ district

The Monroe Township Board of Education held a meeting Aug. 3 to announce the selections of a school superintendent and a new board member 

Dr. Susan Ficke was named superintendent, following her 15 years as assistant superintendent for instruction in the Pennsville public schools. Prior to that, she worked in the Camden public schools for four years as the senior director of principal and teacher evaluations and as supervisor of health and physical education. She also taught health in both Camden and Cinnaminson for 11 years.

“I feel like the experiences that I have had as a teacher, a supervisor, a director and assistant superintendent have conditioned me well to lead the district,” Ficke said. “I wanted to look for a larger district to lead, but one that was still small enough to build relationships with people, and I feel like this is that district.”

Ficke recently attained her doctor of education degree in educational leadership from the University of New England. She received her master’s in educational administration and a bachelor of arts in health and exercise science from Rowan University.

“I am looking forward to getting to know the community,” said Ficke, who will begin her tenure on Sept, 14. “I love to be visible, accessible and available. I plan to be visible in the building and the community.

The growing diversity of the school district also excites me. Diverse thoughts and perspectives help us to grow.

The board’s new member is Latasha Fuller-Williams, who will hold a temporary position. She had previously sought to join the board in 2017, and will fill the unexpired term of a board member who vacated the position. She will run for a full-time position in the November election.

“I am both excited and surprised,” Fuller said.  “I was not expecting to get into this position so soon, but I am very excited to be part of the board.” 

Fuller’s experience includes a stint on the Atlantic City Board of Education, where she has been  since 2003, and she has several years of experience as a middle-school teacher in that district.  

Fuller is also a certified elementary education teacher for K-8 and has previously been involved in the district’s after-school and tutoring programs through Title I, a federally funded education program. She also coached intermediate girls’ basketball, soccer and kickball for grades three through eight.

“As a teacher in the district, I wanted a chance to be a part of the board and bring in ideas and have a chance to make some of the decisions that affect my colleagues,” Fuller noted. “I want to explore more diversity in the board, as well as creating diversity programs for students to participate in.”

In other news:

  • The board will vote on Aug 12 regarding a meeting indoors
  • The district wants to do 2,000 Chromebook upgrades, in case school returns to remote learning.  
  • The next board meeting will take place on Aug. 20.