Letter to the Editor: Elections should promote ‘true and fair’ voting

In her letter, Collins addresses the upcoming election.

I want badly to vote in person in all elections, especially in November. Governor Murphy, do not tell our counties to mail a ballot to every registered voter. I am a poll worker. I have an understanding of the process. Many voters, who made the effort in the mostly uncontested primary to come to the polling place to vote, expressed their desire to vote on the machine in November. 

I see the purpose of an absentee ballot for those who have difficultly voting in person. Such ballots must be requested by the registered voter, I believe, to help secure the ballot from tampering. I am leery of putting ballots in the mail. I approve of having secure boxes, as we did in the primary, where ballots may be deposited. A mail-in ballot has never been accepted at the polling place. We want one vote, per citizen, per election. 

Our election procedures should promote true and fair vote counting. Voters should be informed or reminded; if you are registered in more than one place you are to only vote one ballot per election. We want to have updated, accurate registration rolls. I wish I knew how to make that happen. I have the most confidence that my vote counts and is not diluted by fraud by having voters appear in person to cast their vote on Election Day.

Joy Collins