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Commissioners on verge of officially introducing CIS as affordable-housing developer

Central Jersey firm to help borough with impending construction.

Haddonfield’s board of commissioners will soon officially acquire the assistance of a Garden State firm in order to facilitate completion of the borough’s affordable-housing obligations. 

At the governing body’s July 27 public action meeting, the three-member body agreed to table a resolution which would have authorized the signing of an agreement to make Community Investment Strategies, Inc. of Lawrenceville the organization which will assist Haddonfield in that regard.  

The reason for the last-minute change, per Borough Administrator Sharon McCullough, was the need to alter some wording in the resolution as presented, which will be finalized in the near future.

CIS input will be necessary due to questions regarding how to handle the proposed footprint on the Snowden site, a parcel of land, less than an acre, located directly behind Borough Hall. Originally slated for 28 affordable units, community pushback against the plan necessitated the reduction of the number of units earmarked for the land. 

In response to community opposition, the borough proposed a reduction in the number of affordable units to as high as 20, with the remainder to be split among other potential properties inside or adjacent to the downtown core. 

Commissioners subsequently altered zoning in select locations within that area, to facilitate any potential placement of affordable units. At its previous public virtual session on July 20, commissioners revealed the purchase of two existing residential properties intended for this purpose.

Aside from the issues related to the ongoing negotiations surrounding the number of age-restricted housing units on the Bancroft property, CIS is expected to assist borough governance with the placement of a planned 10 affordable units on that site.

In other news

  • During the budget work session which preceded the action meeting, McCullough and the commissioners agreed to set up a meeting to discuss finalizing the 2020 operating budget before the next public virtual session scheduled for Aug. 17. All four agreed it would be wise to attempt to introduce the finalized budget at that monthly meeting.
  • Commissioner Colleen Bianco Bezich paid tribute to a pair of community members who passed on in recent weeks: Linda Kuritzkes, who previously served on the Zoning Board, and John Stokes, who previously served on the Planning Board. 
  • Borough governance also passed a resolution which allows the Partnership for Haddonfield to hold its annual Sidewalk Sale downtown from Aug. 6-9. Kings Highway will be closed between Haddon Avenue and the PATCO station from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Aug. 6-7 for the display of merchandise. Kings Highway will be open to traffic on Aug. 8-9. During the aforementioned four-day period, restaurants in the commercial district will continue to be permitted their existing, designated sidewalk areas for outdoor dining.
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