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Letter to the Editor: Fighting for a stronger, more inclusive town

In her letter to the editor, Sue Mammarella discusses a strong feeling of change in town.

I have lived in Moorestown since 1999 and own a home in the center of town. I have witnessed changes here, big and small over these last 20 plus years.

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But until recently, never have I felt the winds of change so strongly.

In the past couple of months, I’ve attended a peaceful and powerful Black Live Matter protest that drew over 500 people, a prayer vigil that brought together congregants from churches across Moorestown to pray for peace and justice, and a community viewing and discussion of the documentary “13th.”

Between the bombardment of national news stories and the cascading effects and tragedy of the pandemic, it can be hard to focus on what is happening right here in Moorestown. We are hearing the voices of young residents who not only organized the protest but are continuing to raise awareness and propose change regarding racial equality and inclusion through a newly formed Moorestown High School alumni group named “MAREI”. We need to listen to them and learn how we can make our community better now and for future generations.

Coming together and listening to each other is proof that we care about each other and that we are capable of uniting around important and difficult issues. It makes us strong.

I love this town and in addition to running for town council, I am looking forward to staying involved and making sure this isn’t just a passing fad. I hope that Moorestown continues to lead and fight for a stronger, better and more inclusive community.

Sue Mammarella


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