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Mantua Township Police Blotter: July 2 through July 8

The following incidents were reported by the Mantua Township Police Department.

July 2

  • Officers investigated two subjects walking in the middle of the road that seemed to be under the influence. They were given a transport home to keep them safe.
  • There was a report of a bear sighting in the area of Mi Familia Pizza, but officers could not locate to confirm.
  • Units, along with the fire department, responded to a vehicle that was on fire on a farm on Jefferson Road.
  • Patrols responded to a hit-and-run crash that occurred in the Home Depot parking lot in which a parked car was struck and the accused left the area without reporting.
  • Officers checked the area of Breakneck Road and Jackson Road for a report of a metal rod in the roadway, but they could not locate anything.
  • Units responded to a panhandling complaint at the Lowe’s shopping center. They were issued a summons and moved along.
  • Officers responded to a teenage male in crisis that needed to go to the hospital for treatment.


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July 3

  • Officers responded to a parking complaint for a neighbor that was having work done and the contractors had parked on the caller’s lawn.
  • Units responded to a family dispute for a daughter that is continually sneaking in males through her window at night.
  • Patrols, along with the fire department, responded to a report of gas fumes coming from a business in Wenonah.
  • Units, along with the fire department, responded to a reported house fire in the Buckingham development in which the exterior of the garage was ablaze due to an electric issue.
  • Officers responded to a two-vehicle crash on Glassboro Road in front of the Lowe’s shopping center.
  • Patrols responded to a transformer that blew by the Home Depot, disabling traffic signals in the area.
  • A vehicle was stolen from the Kohl’s parking lot and was later recovered in Camden City.
  • Units responded to a domestic dispute between a couple in which the male wanted to leave, however the female would not let him leave due to his intoxication.
  • Officers investigated a fireworks complaint coming from the Berkley Crossing development.


July 4

  • Units took a report for a damaged mailbox on Pitman Road.
  • Officers responded for a wallet and clothing that was located in the parking lot of the vacant K-Mart.
  • Patrols assisted a motorist gain entry into his locked vehicle at the Wine Warehouse.
  • Units conducted foot patrol at Chestnut Branch Park.
  • Patrols responded to a low hanging wire on South McCarthy by Central Avenue.
  • Units received numerous firework complaints throughout Mantua Township and the Borough of Wenonah.


July 5

  • Officers responded to a loud party with fireworks just after midnight.
  • Units responded to a male that had passed during the night in Wenonah.
  • Patrols responded to a harassment complaint in which a subject was continually driving in front of another’s house and revving his engine.
  • Officers assisted a motorist with gaining entry into their locked vehicle that was parked at their house.


July 6

  • Officers responded to the Cloud 10 car wash for a vehicle that was damaged during the process
  • Patrols checked Tyler Mill Road for a report of a low hanging wire in the area of Route 55
  • Units, along with the fire department, responded to a home on Hill Street that was struck by lightning, but did not catch fire.
  • Officers cleared a tree that had fallen on Center Street in the area of New Street.
  • Units assisted New Jersey State Police with a serious crash on Route 55.


July 7

  • Patrols responded to the Telford Inn for a subject that continually is using their dumpster. They had the accused on surveillance video.
  • Officers assisted a subject with gaining his belongings after a break up.
  • Units assisted New Jersey State Police with a crash on Route 55.
  • Officers responded to a minor crash in the parking lot of the Wawa on Center Street.
  • Patrols assisted a motorist that had locked their keys in their vehicle while at home.
  • Officers then assisted an employee at Dollar General who locked their keys in their vehicle.
  • Units responded to a young female in crisis that had to go to the hospital for treatment.
  • Patrols took a late report of a crash that occurred in the Lowe’s parking lot where an unknown vehicle hit the caller’s vehicle while it was parked and then left the area.
  • Ptl. Oldrati conducted a motor vehicle stop and arrested an occupant for outstanding warrants.


July 8

  • Units responded to an intoxicated adult male who was arguing with his father. The son was arrested for outstanding warrants and turned over to Stratford police.
  • Patrols responded to a report of a rock that was just thrown through a residential window.  Officers checked the area and were able to find the accused.
  • Units responded to a crash in the parking lot of the Wawa on Center Street.
  • Officers took a report for a lost license plate.
  • Patrols responded to the Wawa for a report of two subjects trying to sell tools from their vehicle. They were located and found the items to be stolen.  There was also a dirt bike in the bed of the truck that was found to be stolen. They were arrested and turned over to the county jail.
  • Units responded to a hit and run crash at the Target store. Pitman Police Department had located the vehicle in their town and was able to identify the driver.
  • Officers responded to panhandlers in the Lowe’s shopping center.
  • Units took a report for identify theft where the victim had his Social Security checks stolen.
  • Patrols responded to a three-vehicle crash in Wenonah on Glassboro Road by Maple Street in which all three vehicles needed to be towed from the scene.
  • Officers took a juvenile complaint because they were caught on camera putting a cone and mannequin on the caller’s property.
  • Units assisted Harrison PD with a shoplifting that occurred at their Wawa store.

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