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Mosquito spraying in Cherry Hill on Wednesday

Cherry Hill chief among several county municipalities scheduled for spraying later this week.


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Early Wednesday morning the Mosquito Control Commission will be in the community spraying and surveilling areas throughout Camden County. During the summer and fall months the commission schedules on an as-needed basis based upon the results of their surveillance efforts and input from the public.

“Showers and storms are possible throughout Tuesday afternoon and early evening with additional precipitation likely on Wednesday,” said Freeholder Jeff Nash, liaison to the Camden County Mosquito Commission.

“Mosquitos need standing water to breed, so the first thing you should do after any rain is check your yard and remove any standing water to help eliminate the threat. This simple act can help reduce the pest population in your neighborhood, and assist the efforts of the Camden County Mosquito Control Commission.”

Camden County Mosquito Commission will be conducting ULV “spraying” operations on Wednesday, July 1st between the hours of 2am-6am in the following locations, weather permitting:

Cherry Hill:

  • N and S Syracuse Dr
  • Rutgers Rd
  • Bucknell Dr an Ct
  • Colgate Dr
  • Dartmouth Rd
  • Purdue Pl
  • Clemson Rd
  • King George Rd
  • Trent Rd
  • Cornwall Rd
  • Preston Rd
  • Chapel Ave
  • Lee Ann Rd
  • Douglas Dr
  • Hastings Rd
  • Bancroft Rd
  • Salsbury Rd
  • Kingsport Rd
  • Kingsley Rd
  • Ramble Rd
  • Forest Rd
  • Elkins Rd and Terr
  • Ivins Ave
  • Monroe Ave
  • Lincoln Ave
  • Union Ave
  • State St
  • Holly St
  • Barlow Ave
  • Linderman Av
  • Petitt Ave
  • Thomas St
  • Victor Ave
  • Woodland Ave
  • 3rd Ave
  • Dudley Ave
  • Lincoln Ave N
  • Princeton Ave
  • Yale Ave
  • Harvard Ave
  • Partridge Lane and Ct
  • Rymill Run
  • Parnell Dr
  • Glenperth Lane
  • Harrowgate Dr
  • Thackery Lane
  • Pendleton Dr
  • Pawtucket Dr
  • Capshire Dr
  • Cohasset Lane
  • St Anthony Ct
  • St Michael Ct
  • Hadleigh Dr, Terr and Ct
  • Lynford Dr and Ct
  • Brondesbury Dr and Pl
  • Jill Marcill Ct
  • Kingsdale Ave
  • Brick Rd
  • Staffordshire Rd
  • Cherrywood Ct
  • Inskeep Ct
  • Sudely Green Ct
  • Dorset Rd
  • Partree Rd
  • Weston Ct and Dr
  • Tenby Rd
  • Ashford rd
  • Wicklow Ct
  • Buxton Rd
  • Tendring Rd
  • Lavenham Rd and Ct
  • Dunbarton Rd
  • Wexford Ct and Dr
  • Rooftree Rd
  • Highgate Lane and Ct
  • Pembroke Ct
  • Evans Lane
  • Old Orchard Rd
  • Shreeve Lane

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