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Letter to the Editor: Defend, not defund

Michael DiCroce writes in his letter to the editor to defend the police.

Editor’s note: Michael DiCroce submitted this Letter to the Editor as a resident of Shamong Township. The opinions expressed are personal opinions and not those of Shamong Township government.

Defund the police?

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The radical left has now officially gone bonkers with the latest screwball idea of “defunding the police.”

I say, defend the police.

Things are upside down.  They call evil, good and good, evil. The criminals are heroes and heroes are vilified.

Keep harmless, working people locked up at home, while permitting the looters to attack the police and burn our cities.  You can’t shop at a store, but you can loot it. You can’t go into the church to worship but, you can burn it.

How did we get so twisted?

The job of the police is to enforce criminal statutes; investigate crimes; get bad actors, criminals, off the street; to protect people and property; and secure justice for everyone. For the most part, this is what they do every day.

Guess what? If you want to murder, assault, rob, loot, resist arrest … you will get arrested and jailed.

The police are not responsible for a criminal’s decision to break the law.  They are responsible for upholding justice, treating everyone equally with respect, not abusing power and not using excessive force.

When they fail to do this, there are serious legal consequences.

The breakdown of law and order would end our American way of life.

The police have been left to clean up America’s social issues and the added stress of over-taxation, forcing both parents to work to make ends meet; taking God, and teaching “right from wrong,” out of schools; failing to teach our citizens the constitution; attacking families; and failing to protect life.

The American Dream is that life should be better, richer and fuller, with opportunity for everyone, regardless of color.

The radical, socialist left has an active plan for killing the American Dream.

Things are upside down. Defend the police.

Mayor Michael DiCroce


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