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Letter to the Editor: David Huehnergarth

Borough resident urges town to come together and support small business in summertime.

To the Editor, 

We’re quite lucky to live in this little town, as it has been recognized over and over again for its unique charm and special qualities. 

That’s not by accident — but rather from the hard work and risk taken by the many small business owners who have invested their own money and futures into creating all of them. We’ve got a slew of great restaurants, a very unique toy shop, clothing shops, a new brewery, bakeries, coffee, ice cream and gelato shops, barber shops and salons, antique and gift shops — you name it. 

And we all know that COVID-19 has delivered a real body blow to them, likely worse than we know, and more than a few may not return. It’s time to come to their rescue, go down there and support them and kickstart them back into strong sales. Especially now that summer is here — unfortunately the traditionally worst time for retail in our town. 

So I think we all have to make an extra effort to get back downtown, make reservations, buy what we need from them as much as we can, and resist the ease of Amazon, the small business killer. 

Every purchase, every dollar, can literally make all the difference to those that make it a special experience here. We come together on so many things to make it as wonderful a town as it is, and here’s the big thing we need to focus on now.

David Huehnergarth

Haddonfield, N.J.

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