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Evesham Twp. establishes Human Rights Advisory Council

The advisory committee, announced at the township's June 9 regular meeting held via Zoom, will explore how to keep a diverse community healthy and safe

The Evesham Township Municipal Building, where council typically holds its regular meetings.

As an increasing number of Americans across the nation join the fight against inequality and injustice, Evesham Township is also taking action to protect the rights of residents and to explore the issues needed to keep a diverse community healthy and safe.

With that in mind, Evesham Township Council used its June 9 meeting to establish the Evesham Township Human Rights Advisory Council.

By working together, this volunteer group of residents and public officials can speak to Evesham’s governing body on how the township can better educate and strengthen respect for the human rights of all citizens of Evesham Township.

The formation of this new advisory group stems from a desire shared by elected officials and a multitude of residents who’ve reached out in recent weeks to create a space to discuss these needs in the community.

“When we amplify the diverse voices and viewpoints already present in our community, Evesham Township will only grow closer and stronger.” Mayor Jaclyn Veasy said. “Our elected officials can’t always be the answer. We must engage our residents from all backgrounds and never shy away from the issues they face on a daily basis.”

With this new advisory council, the township will rededicate itself to ensuring that all residents can achieve the greatest levels of equality, safety and success, regardless of their race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, sex, gender, identity, age, disability or socioeconomic status.

Nominated by the mayor, the members of the advisory council shall include four volunteer residents of Evesham Township, one member of the Evesham Township Board of Education, two faith leaders from congregations based in Evesham, one member involved with organized youth athletics in the township, the Chief of the Evesham Township Police Department, the mayor or a designee and the township manager or a designee.

“At a time when people are losing their lives, we wanted to take action and not just deliver lip service. My boys have to live as black boys in this community and this country every day. This is my life,” Deputy Mayor Heather Cooper said. “This new advisory council is another reason why our township and our police department continue to exude excellence and serve as role models for other municipalities.”

Through the Evesham Human Rights Advisory Council, Evesham Township will provide a safe environment where residents will be encouraged to explore their differences, face challenges and ultimately capitalize on the true strength of Evesham’s diverse community.

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