Mantua Township Police Blotter: June 4 to June 10

The following incidents were reported by the Mantua Township Police Department.

The following information was provided by the Mantua Township Police Department.

June 4

  • Units took a report for a late report of a crash that occurred last night at Dippys Ice Cream during the thunderstorm.
  • Patrols took a report of cyber harassment for a post that was made over a year ago.
  • Officers responded to an animal complaint for a dog was that acting aggressive towards the caller and had them trapped inside their house. An ordinance was issued against the dog’s owner.
  • Units took a report for credit card fraud.
  • Officers responded to a disturbance at Timberline Liquors for a subject that was refused service by the store.
  • Units took a report for a broken car window, possibly by landscapers.
  • Cpl. Hauss arrested a subject on an outstanding warrant.  He was processed and released.
  • Patrols responded to a minor crash in the area of Glassboro Road and Blackwood Barnsboro Road
  • Officers responded to a crash on Glassboro Road in the area of Lambs Road


June 5

  • Units responded to a tree that had fallen into the roadway in Wenonah.
  • Officers took a theft report for a stolen chair that occurred overnight in the Pinebrook Apartments.
  • Officers checked on an elderly female that was not answering her phone or door for her meal delivery program.
  • Patrols responded to an unwanted person at the Heritage store on Lambs Road.
  • Units responded to burglary and vandalism at the old K-mart store.
  • Officers took a theft report for a neighbor that was stealing packages in the Villages of Berkley that was caught on the victim’s home surveillance system.
  • Units responded to a minor crash in the parking lot of the Wawa on Bridgeton Pike.
  • Officers responded to a crash at the intersection of Route 45 and Harrison Avenue.
  • Patrols, along with the fire department, responded to a single vehicle crash that had overturned and landed in the woods on Center Street in the area of New Street. The vehicle was towed.
  • Units responded to a domestic assault in which the wife was arrested for striking her husband.
  • Patrols responded to a shoplifting that had occurred at the Wawa on Center Street in which the subject took cigarettes and fled the store.


June 6

  • Units responded to a shoplifting at the Wawa on Route 45 in which a male stole a caesar salad and mac and cheese and fled the store.
  • Ptl. Donovan and his K-9 partner, Boomer, assisted Monroe Twp. Police Department with an explosive sweep prior to a peaceful demonstration that was scheduled.
  • Officers responded to a child custody dispute.
  • Patrols responded to a family dispute involving an out of control young daughter that was not listening to her father.
  • Units responded to an ongoing neighbor complaint.
  • Officers responded to an intoxicated person walking around Centre City in his underwear. Officers attempted to give him a courtesy transport home, until he started to attack the officers during the car ride home. He was brought to the station, arrested and transported to county jail instead.


June 7

  • Units checked on a disabled vehicle on Mt. Royal Road, but the driver had help coming.
  • Patrols were alerted to a possible protest on New Street, however, it was a group gathering in preparation for a birthday parade.
  • Officers took a report for a vehicle that struck a deer on Route 45 near Jackson Road.
  • Units checked on an abandoned house that had an open door.
  • Officers took a report for an allegation of continued domestic abuse.
  • Units took a report for an ex that entered the house and stole items from within.
  • Officers assisted in blocking traffic for a march of protesters that were walking from Glassboro to Deptford.
  • Patrols responded to an ex that was at the house playing basketball with his son when he was not supposed to be there.
  • Units responded to a neighbor complaint in which one neighbor urinated outside in his driveway while working in his yard.
  • Officers arrested a subject for possession of drugs and also being under the influence of those drugs.


June 8

  • Cpl. Layton conducted a motor vehicle stop at 1 a.m. for a subject towing an ATV on a trailer.  Further investigation found the ATV to be stolen out of Upper Darby, Pa. The subject was arrested, processed and released.
  • Units responded to a domestic dispute between an estranged couple in which one half kicked the front door of the other and then left.
  • A resident contacted the police department to change her light bulb.
  • Patrols responded to a domestic assault where a male assaulted his girlfriend and then fled the area. The subject was arrested after a search of the area.
  • The Wawa on Center Street contacted police as a bicycle rider fell in the parking lot and received a gash on his head that happened an hour prior and subject would not leave.


June 9

  • Ptl. Riepen and his K-9 partner, Bane, assisted Harrison Twp. Police Department on a car stop with a drug sniff in which there was a positive indication.
  • Officers responded to a single vehicle crash on the exit ramp from Route 55 in which a cement truck rolled over.
  • Officers responded to a minor crash in the parking lot of the super Wawa.
  • Officers also responded to a crash in front of the Wendy’s in which a vehicle needed to be towed.
  • Ptl. Oldrati conducted a motor vehicle stop and arrested three subject on active warrants and possession of fireworks.


June 10

  • Units responded to a crash on Glassboro Road in the area of Center Street.
  • Patrols responded to a male walking on the railroad tracks in Wenonah.
  • A subject with a flat tire called the police to ask for guidance on how to change it.
  • Ptl. Mroz and his K-9 partner, Zuke, assisted Sgt. Herner on a car stop.
  • Units responded to a vehicle that struck a tree branch that was hanging into the roadway.
  • Patrols responded to a dog that got loose from its owners yard and the dog was picked up by a passing vehicle. Officers were able to track down the vehicle and dog was returned.
  • Officers responded to the Walgreens for a subject that was kicked off a NJ Transit bus and didn’t know where he was. Investigation found the subject was overdosing and an ambulance took him to the hospital.