Council hosting public hearing regarding budget tonight

Introduced budget called for $156 rise in taxes on average

The Gloucester Township Council is hosting a public hearing tonight regarding the 2020 budget. The meeting will take place at the Municipal Building for township officials and council members, while residents will be able to call-in to the meeting and watch it on YouTube.

At its May 11 meeting, council passed the introduction of the 2020 budget, which proposed raising the tax rate from 3.966 to 4.050. Residents with the average assessed property value of $188,000 would see an increase of approximately $156, according to Business Administrator Tom Cardis, if the introduced budget is passed at the public hearing without changes.

The amount to be raised by taxation, through the municipal budget, would rise more than 10 percent, from $47,829,279 to a proposed $52,838,421.

Instructions to attend the meeting can be found here.