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Letter to the Editor: Now is a time to come together

Resident Eileen Carlos writes about wanting a formulated reopening process in response to Michael DiCroce's letter.

Editor’s note: COVID-19 Case and death counts within this letter are current as of deadline. 

As I was reading the personal opinion of Mayor Michael DiCroce while also listening to Dr. Deborah Birx, M.D. (Office of Vice Pres. Mike Pence on COVID-19 response) updates on coronavirus.

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Ironically, DiCroce’s demands are also being implemented. Maryland Governor Larry Hogan (R), chair of the National Governors Association, is coordinating along with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D), vice president of the NGA along with Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware and New Jersey. I respect all of them for the care and concern that they express in doing their jobs.

Freedom “the power or right to act, speak or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.” The meaning relates to your rights of expression, not the right to cause harm or malice.

Burlington County has 4,055 cases confirmed and 251 deaths. Shamong alone has 28 cases one death. This may appear a small number, however, Woodland has 240 cases eight deaths; Southampton has 53 cases five deaths; and Tabernacle has 21 cases two deaths. What if Woodland visits people in Shamong, is that to worry? Yes.

Memorial Day Weekend, restrictions lifted as our governments work together with healthcare professionals doing it with “responsible action.”

Executive orders? Homes for sale, construction not idle, grocery stores buzzing, farmers farming and hotels being used for healthcare workers or patients. Online shopping, Amazon hiring, jobs in healthcare (as long as you are willing).

Businesses are being creative to accommodate the public with their services while protecting them and laborers. What is Mayor DiCroce’s future plan?

I respect DiCroce’s freedom of speech, but disagree with the message that he is sending to the public. I did not read of his plan to open the public, I did not read of any empathetic words for those people who have died in this pandemic and whose families are not able to service their loved ones as they would have liked to.

This is a time that all people should come together and work together to make it appropriate for all. If we follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, we will all reap the benefit of a safe and healthy lifestyle. No one likes change, but this is a change that we have no choice to do.

By the way, let’s not forget the state’s move to get into the marijuana market. Good time to think about the role that will play in the comeback or the types of businesses that it will create.

We are not frozen in time, we are stalled. I am confident that we are smart, courageous and loving enough to get through this pandemic and learn to make it through the next one. My heart goes out to the families that are suffering in one way or another at this time. I know that if we do this, we will be helping our family, friends and neighbors to survive this global crisis. I pray for all of you to be healthy and well.

Eileen Carlos


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