Letter to the Editor: Consider helping a Moorestown neighbor

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

With all the heart-breaking news we see every day, in addition to the hardships faced by those less fortunate, it’s at times like this many of us want to help in some way. Noting that we all have our worthwhile causes to give either a donation of time or money, when I was ready to do the same, I wanted to do something that would go directly to the people in need in our own town of Moorestown. Working with Mayor Nicole Gillespie and the Department of Parks and Recreation we started the “Moorestown Neighbors Helping Neighbors” program in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Moorestown. The program is dedicated to buying food and hand delivering it to those families most in need.

The goal is to help families out of work with no income to feed their families. I just wanted to share this with you that there is a way to help people right here in Moorestown.

As of May 11, we have raised a total of $16,375 from individuals and associations, and several of our volunteers who shop and deliver groceries to our residents donated a total of $2,042. The program has delivered groceries to 62 Moorestown households, and there are 62 volunteers.

Your consideration and generous donations no matter how large or small would be welcomed and sure to make a huge difference to these families. Financial donations to support this effort gratefully are accepted at https://bit.ly/DonateMoorestownCOVID19Help

Please stay safe and well!

My kindest regards,

Ken Catanella