A reflection on a beautiful marriage

Mark Weems honors his parents, Melvin and Hannah Weems, as they celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.

On May 24, 1980, Melvin Weems, a handsome Navy Yard electrical engineering technician and classic gentleman, pledged his love and devotion to soon-to-be Hannah Weems, a beautiful up-and-coming computer programmer. Both born from humble beginnings, their union was the start of a beautiful journey; one that would liberate them from the bustle of the city to suburban Willingboro and, finally, to the still budding city of Washington Township. Forty years, two careers, two kids—Mark and Candice, and two grandchildren later, they now enjoy a modest retirement looking forward to any opportunity to escape on their favorite vacation—a week-long cruise to anywhere.

Growing up, my sister and I marveled in the idea that we had the best parents in the world. Our dad could build or fix anything, would treat even a thief with kindness, and couldn’t make an enemy if he tried—except on the billiards table; there, his Dalai Lama-like personality mutated into a ruthless avenger as he silently slew all that challenged him without respect of age, gender or family tie. Our mother, using coupons and austere discounts, could transform a $100 grocery bill down to $20, ensured no one in her circle of influence went without food, clothes and a book, and offered a cheerful smile to all; except Cowboys fans and opponents in another family tradition—the game of Perquacky.

To our wonderful parents on their 40th anniversary, we, your children, congratulate you and thank you for showing us what love and a healthy marriage looks like.  We love you and wish you many, many more!

Mark Weems and Candice Weems-Landry