Letter to the Editor: Reopen Shamong, the state

Shamong resident Michael DiCroce penned the following letter on stay home orders.

Editor’s note: Michael DiCroce submitted this Letter to the Editor as a resident of Shamong Township and the opinions expressed are personal opinions and not the collective of Shamong Township government.

Have you noticed that the politicians and “experts” who are still saying, “Stay Home,” are not home, have never been home, have quaffed hair and make-up and are all getting paid?

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What about those people already struggling, out of work, without an income and have no savings? Or those frozen in fear and anxiety over the daily doomsday projections?   

We are constantly being told what to do by the “nanny state” and if you don’t agree with them, you’re then accused of being selfish and that you don’t care about the spread of the virus. 

While their reasoning and mantras shift daily, it’s essentially, “We will tell you what you can do, when, where and with whom you can do it;” their concerns (based on alleged “scientific projections”) are supposed to be enough of a reason to destroy our fundamental freedoms — to work and make a living, take care of our family’s and worship our God, as we see fit.

Benjamin Franklin said it the best and very plainly, “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” 

All under the guise of “safety,” Shamong and the entire state, remain essentially closed under the authority of Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive orders, most of which have never been voted on or debated by our elected officials. What’s the use of having representative government if they never debate and vote on an issue as important as this? 

There are certain enumerated rights we as citizens have that cannot be legislated away. 

In order for our “essential,” God-given and constitutionally protected freedom’s to be infringed upon, the government must pass a constitutional law. One American fundamental right is the right to work and to produce an income.

The First Amendment states, in part, “Congress shall make no law … abridging the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”    

Our state has not passed valid laws to enforce the “just one more week” onerous “lockdown” restrictions.  

Under the threat of arrest, we are told “stay home.” The police only have authority to arrest when there is a violation of a criminal statute. Our sworn law enforcement officers can only enforce valid codified statutes and laws. They have sworn an oath and affirmation that they will uphold the law and enforce these offenses, where they are predicated upon codified legislated enumerated offenses.

Even in an alleged pandemic, the government must obey and respect the Constitution.  

Actions taken in the name of safety concerns cannot be said to justify violations of the constitutional rights of American individuals.

The governor’s actions, and his self-imposed restrictions through these executive orders, are unconstitutional. 

Let’s assert our rights, demand our constitutionally guaranteed liberties and safely reopen Shamong and New Jersey!

Michael DiCroce

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