Letter to the Editor: Megan Cutter

Impending graduate of HMHS, who plans on attending Loyola University Maryland and studying political science in the fall, gives thanks to the community and school district that nurtured her.

Dear Editor,

The 08033 zip code covers more than just two square miles for everyone who grew up here, lives here, or retired here. Haddonfield is our home. I, like many of my classmates, have spent my last 18 years sledding in Friends cemetery in the winter, shopping along Kings Highway on summer nights, and probably the best of all, wearing red and black when attending school within the Haddonfield Public School District.  

The 208 people who will join me as part of the Haddonfield Memorial High School class of 2020 are the best people I know. 

Years ago, I entered Mrs. Chism’s room and became friends with classmates in her afternoon kindergarten session. Now, I am set to graduate with not only those same friends, but also more friends who helped me learn and grow. Together, we shared laughs and love, tears and sadness, successes and failures, wins and losses. But with every step of our journey Haddonfield remained our home base. The person I am today emerged with the help of my supportive parents and classmates. For your encouragement, I thank you. 

I cannot begin to thank my teachers for their instruction and support over the last 13 years from the friendly confines of their classrooms. Each one of them has touched my life with unforgettable lessons and countless memories. We are all fortunate to learn from the best educators around. My teachers opened their doors on the first day of school, and kept them open for me ever since. I find that to be so telling of the kind of people they are.

As I prepare to embark on my next journey, I cannot even fathom what it will be like to not wake up early on August mornings for preseason, attend Friday night football games, or walk into HMHS one more time as a student. This town has given me more than I could ever have dreamed for. I feel blessed to have known everyone I met, created all of the memories I did, and represented the Haddons in every soccer game I ever played. 

Thank you, Haddonfield, for giving me everything.

Megan Cutter

Haddonfield, N.J.