Council members donate stipends to emergency services

The following press release was submitted on behalf of the Mt. Laurel GOP

Special to The Sun: Mayor Irwin Edelson (left) donates his monthly council stipend to MLFD Chief John M. Colucci in support of the Mt. Laurel Firefighters’ Foundation.

Three Mt. Laurel Council members recently announced that they would be donating their monthly stipends to the Township’s emergency services during the duration of the COVID-19 public health emergency.

Mayor Irwin Edelson said, “Mt. Laurel’s police department, fire department and emergency medical services are second to none in the State. The group has always been impressive but during this public health crisis they have operated seamlessly and together with Mount Laurel’s Office of Emergency Management and have become a model for other communities to follow.” Edelson is donating his monthly stipend to the Mt. Laurel Firefighters’ Foundation.

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Deputy Mayor Linda Bobo is donating her monthly stipend to the Mt. Laurel Police Department.

Bobo stated, “It is not a lot but anything we can do to support the department as they put their lives on the line to protect us is important.”

Councilman Kurt Folcher is contributing his monthly stipend to the Mt. Laurel Emergency Services Department. Folcher said, “It never ceases to amaze me what our EMTs do every day and in this crisis they have been incredible while taking on additional risk.”

Mayor Edelson added, “These first responders have shunned accolades during the crisis as they prefer to focus on the mission at hand. But make no mistake, once this is over Mt. Laurel Township will find a way to thank them in a big way for their service.”

After taxes, the mayor’s monthly stipend is $453, the deputy mayor’s is $440 and council members’ are $402. The amounts contributed to the police and emergency medical services will be added to this year’s operating budgets respectively.

The mission of the Mt. Laurel Firefighters’ Foundation is to obtain and maintain equipment and technology needed to educate, support and remember by securing private funding to assist the Mt. Laurel Fire District.

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