Three deaths, 87 new coronavirus cases in CamCo

Deaths recorded in Voorhees Township, Winslow Township and Cherry Hill.

The Camden County Department of Health announced on Tuesday three (3) new deaths caused by novel coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as 87 additional confirmed cases of the disease. Trace investigations are being facilitated with the patients and remain ongoing.

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This brings the aggregate number of confirmed positive cases to 3,629 in Camden County today and 189 total fatalities.

The following information is currently available regarding these most recent deaths in Camden County:

Case 1: Female,          90s,      Voorhees

Case 2: Male,             60s,      Winslow Township

Case 3: Female,          80s,      Cherry Hill

“It does not get any easier to make these announcements day after day. Today, we learned of three additional souls lost to coronavirus in our community, and our thoughts and prayers are with their families today as we reflect on all those who have suffered over the course of this pandemic,” said Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli, Jr.

“Today, the Freeholder Board opened its third testing site in Camden County, and our second in Camden City. The only way we can move into the next phase of recovery is to increase our testing capacity as much as possible and partner it with a robust tracing operation. Thankfully, through collaboration with our healthcare partners, we have been able to offer an expanding array of testing options throughout the county.”

In addition, the county Department of Health is also announcing 871 confirmed cases have occurred out of the aggregate case load of 3,629 in our 56 long-term care facilities. At this current time 136 deaths have been reported from these facilities from our 189 total fatalities countywide.

The following information is currently available regarding new patients:

New Patient 1: FEMALE,     30s,      PINE HILL BOROUGH

New Patient 2: FEMALE,     80s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 3: FEMALE,     50s,      CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP

New Patient 4: MALE,          30s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 5: FEMALE,     40s,            LINDENWOLD BOROUGH

New Patient 6: FEMALE,     30s,      CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP

New Patient 7: MALE,          50s,            VOORHEES TOWNSHIP

New Patient 8: FEMALE,     60s,      CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP

New Patient 9: FEMALE,     UNKNOWN            CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP

New Patient 10: FEMALE,   30s,            PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP

New Patient 11: FEMALE,   20s,      WINSLOW TOWNSHIP

New Patient 12: MALE,        90s,      CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP

New Patient 13: MALE,        80s,      CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP

New Patient 14: MALE,        40s,            LINDENWOLD BOROUGH

New Patient 15: FEMALE,   20s,            PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP

New Patient 16: FEMALE,   80s,      CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP

New Patient 17: MALE,        50s,            VOORHEES TOWNSHIP

New Patient 18: MALE,        40s,            BROOKLAWN BOROUGH

New Patient 19: FEMALE,   50s,      BERLIN TOWNSHIP

New Patient 20: FEMALE,   20s,            CLEMENTON BOROUGH

New Patient 21: FEMALE,   60s,            GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP

New Patient 22: FEMALE,   40s,            COLLINGSWOOD BOROUGH

New Patient 23: MALE,        60s,            CLEMENTON BOROUGH

New Patient 24: FEMALE,   30s,      CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP

New Patient 25: FEMALE,   30s,            LINDENWOLD BOROUGH

New Patient 26: MALE,        10s,      CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP

New Patient 27: MALE,        20s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 28: FEMALE,   50s,            BELLMAWR BOROUGH

New Patient 29: FEMALE,   30s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 30: MALE,        30s,      WINSLOW TOWNSHIP

New Patient 31: MALE,        30s,      WINSLOW TOWNSHIP

New Patient 32: FEMALE,   80s,      WINSLOW TOWNSHIP

New Patient 33: MALE,        60s,      WINSLOW TOWNSHIP

New Patient 34: MALE,        30s,            PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP

New Patient 35: MALE,        20s,            BELLMAWR BOROUGH

New Patient 36: FEMALE,   40s,            STRATFORD BOROUGH

New Patient 37: FEMALE,   10s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 38: FEMALE,   10s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 39: MALE,        30s,            GLOUCESTER CITY

New Patient 40: FEMALE,   60s,      WINSLOW TOWNSHIP

New Patient 41: FEMALE,   40s,      CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP

New Patient 42: FEMALE,   20s,            PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP

New Patient 43: FEMALE,   30s,            LINDENWOLD BOROUGH

New Patient 44: FEMALE,   20s,            VOORHEES TOWNSHIP

New Patient 45: MALE,        50s,            LINDENWOLD BOROUGH

New Patient 46: MALE,        70s,            GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP

New Patient 47: FEMALE,   70s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 48: FEMALE,   80s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 49: MALE,        50s,      PINE HILL BOROUGH

New Patient 50: MALE,        40s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 51: FEMALE,   50s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 52: MALE,        70s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 53: MALE,        70s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 54: MALE,        90s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 55: MALE,        50s,            SOMERDALE BOROUGH

New Patient 56: MALE,        50s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 57: MALE,        30s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 58: FEMALE,   50s,      AUDUBON BOROUGH

New Patient 59: MALE,        60s,      MOUNT EPHRAIM BOROUGH

New Patient 60: FEMALE,   30s,            GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP

New Patient 61: MALE,        60s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 62: MALE,        60s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 63: MALE,        60s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 64: MALE,        50s,      AUDUBON PARK BOROUGH

New Patient 65: FEMALE,   80s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 66: FEMALE,   70s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 67: FEMALE,   50s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 68: MALE,        60s,            PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP

New Patient 69: FEMALE,   80s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 70: MALE,        70s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 71: FEMALE,   70s,            LINDENWOLD BOROUGH

New Patient 72: FEMALE,   20s,            GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP


New Patient 74: FEMALE,   60s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 75: FEMALE,   30s,            PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP

New Patient 76: FEMALE,   20s,            LINDENWOLD BOROUGH

New Patient 77: MALE,        30s,            LINDENWOLD BOROUGH

New Patient 78: MALE,        10s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 79: MALE,        10s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 80: FEMALE,   20s,      CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP

New Patient 81: FEMALE,   30s,      CAMDEN CITY

New Patient 82: FEMALE,   20s,            GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP

New Patient 83: FEMALE,   20s,            WATERFORD TOWNSHIP

New Patient 84: MALE,        30s,            GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP

New Patient 85: MALE,        50s,      AUDUBON BOROUGH

New Patient 86: FEMALE,   30s,            GLOUCESTER CITY

New Patient 87: MALE,        20s,      WINSLOW TOWNSHIP

The county Health Department is currently working to trace close contacts of these newest cases. The investigations are still ongoing, and we will update the public with new developments as the information is gathered by our investigators.

Residents should call 9-1-1 during emergencies only, for those with questions or concerns related to the coronavirus, call the free, 24-hour public hotline at 2-1-1 or 1-800-962-1253, where trained professionals are standing by to answer your questions.

New Jersey residents can now also text NJCOVID to 898-211 to receive text information and stay informed. To receive live text assistance, residents can text their zip code to 898-211.  More information is also available on the state’s coronavirus at

Information regarding Camden County’s preparations, response, and general information provided to the public is available by visiting Residents should frequently check the county webpage and social media for up-to-date information.

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