Evesham Township launches Evesham Economic Advisory Council

The 11-person advisory council will help maximize township’s long-term economic potential

Evesham Township Municipal Building, where council typically holds its regular meetings.

A vital chapter in the story of Evesham Township’s economic success has been the expansion of the township’s diverse and dynamic business community.

Throughout the years, a seemingly countless number of local businesses have served as a source of economic prosperity in the township, providing employment to Evesham’s local workforce and providing goods and services to Evesham’s residents.

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Now, as the Evesham business community faces a significant disruption due to the COVID-19 emergency, Evesham officials believe it’s crucial to have a coordinated and centralized means to work with representatives of Evesham’s business community.

With that, Evesham Township Council used its April 21 meeting to approve the creation of the Evesham Economic Advisory Council for Recovery & Stabilization.

“Local businesses are the backbone of our economy in Evesham Township, and we will always do everything in our power to support our businesses and their employees.” said Mayor Jaclyn Veasy. “This new advisory council will allow us to work closer than ever with our local business community to coordinate the recovery efforts needed to keep our local economy strong.”

With the help of this 11-member advisory council, township officials can focus on the sustainability and economic growth of Evesham’s businesses, with particular focus on the substantial base of small and family-owned businesses that are most directly affected by the dramatic change in economic conditions during the COVID-19 emergency.

The advisory council will draw upon a cross-section of representatives from the local business community to aid officials in coordinating local economic recovery and stabilization initiatives, while also working to maximize the township’s long-term economic potential.

Upon the April 21 mayoral appointment, the advisory council will consist of the following members:

* One member being a representative from the banking and finance community in the township (Robert Curley of TD Bank);

* One member of the local legal community practicing in and/or residing in the township (Ashley Buono of Parker McCay);

* Two members being representatives of the local retail community in the township (Alicia DiMichele of Alicia DiMichele Boutique and Pamela Maver of Soft Surroundings);

* Two members being representatives of the local real estate community in the township (Mark McKenna of Pat McKenna Realtors and Devin Dinofa of Keller Williams Realty);

* One member being a representative from the restaurant community in the township (Kristopher Herman of Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar);

* One member being representative of the local small business community (Frank Plum of Workplace HCM Inc.);

* One member being a representative who is a member of the Board of Directors of the Marlton Business Association who shall serve as non-voting member (Michael Thompson of The Thompson Group Insurance Agency)

* The Township Manager or his or her designee (Evesham Township Manager Robert Corrales);

* The Mayor or his or her designee who shall serve as a non-voting member (Mayor Jaclyn Veasy)

The advisory council will also help the township share information about community development initiatives, identify opportunities for local policy, assist in the preparation of grant and funding applications, and coordinate with any federal, state or local agencies seeking to support local business and commerce.

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