CamdenCo announces 84 new cases

The following is a release from the Camden County Health Department:

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The Department of Health is announcing 84 additional confirmed cases of patients with coronavirus (COVID-19) today. This brings the aggregate number of confirmed positive cases to 1,092 and 29 fatalities in Camden County. Trace investigations are being facilitated with the patients and remain ongoing.

“In recent days we have learned of several inspiring trends developing in our community. Growth in total cases has stayed relatively consistent, hospitalizations among those cases are down, and the vast majority of individuals who have been confirmed to have coronavirus in Camden County have recovered or are recovering,” said Freeholder Director Louis Cappelli, Jr. “These positive signs are due entirely to the commitment of Camden County residents to adopt social distancing measures and stay home. Still, we cannot lose sight of the fact that we remain in the early phases of what will be a prolonged battle. As we head into what is a holiday weekend for many, we want to thank our residents for their empathy towards one another, their desire to serve those in need, and their continued commitment to all measures intended to flatten the curve.”

The following information is currently available regarding new patients:

New Patient 1: MALE,  50s, HADDONFIELD BOROUGH       



New Patient 4: MALE, 40s, CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP  

New Patient 5: MALE,  50s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 6: FEMALE, 30s, CAMDEN CITY 


New Patient 8: MALE, 40s, WINSLOW TOWNSHIP 

New Patient 9: MALE, 50s, CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP  

New Patient 10: FEMALE, 20s, LAWNSIDE BOROUGH  

New Patient 11: MALE, 50s, CAMDEN CITY 


New Patient 13: FEMALE,   60s, GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP        

New Patient 14: FEMALE,   50s, PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP         

New Patient 15: FEMALE,   40s, PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP         

New Patient 16: FEMALE,   70s, VOORHEES TOWNSHIP 

New Patient 17: FEMALE,   60s, PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP         

New Patient 18: FEMALE,   80s, CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP  

New Patient 19: FEMALE,   30s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 20: FEMALE,   60s, WOODLYNNE BOROUGH          

New Patient 21: FEMALE,   70s, WOODLYNNE BOROUGH

New Patient 22: MALE,        30s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 23: FEMALE,   20s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 24: FEMALE,   40s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 25: FEMALE,   30s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 26: MALE,        20s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 27: FEMALE,   50s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 28: MALE,        80s, AUDUBON BOROUGH  

New Patient 29: MALE,        50s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 30: FEMALE,   50s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 31: MALE,        50s, PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP         

New Patient 32: MALE,        60s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 33: MALE,        40s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 34: FEMALE,   20s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 35: MALE,        40s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 36: FEMALE,   30s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 37: MALE,        60s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 38: FEMALE,   30s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 39: MALE,        70s, PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP

New Patient 40: MALE,        50s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 41: MALE,        90s, CAMDEN CITY 


New Patient 43: MALE,        30s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 44: FEMALE,   40s, LINDENWOLD BOROUGH         

New Patient 45: FEMALE,   20s, PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP         


New Patient 47: MALE,        50s, STRATFORD BOROUGH  

New Patient 48: FEMALE,   20s, WOODLYNNE BOROUGH          

New Patient 49: MALE,        30s, CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP  

New Patient 50: FEMALE,   60s, GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP        

New Patient 51: MALE,        60s, LINDENWOLD BOROUGH         

New Patient 52: MALE,        40s, CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP  

New Patient 53: MALE,        80s, CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP  

New Patient 54: FEMALE,   90s, CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP  

New Patient 55: MALE,        80s, STRATFORD BOROUGH  

New Patient 56: FEMALE,   60s, VOORHEES TOWNSHIP 

New Patient 57: MALE,        50s, CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP  

New Patient 58: FEMALE,   40s, PINE HILL BOROUGH  

New Patient 59: MALE,        60s, VOORHEES TOWNSHIP 

New Patient 60: MALE,        10s, CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP  

New Patient 61: FEMALE,   20s, PINE HILL BOROUGH  

New Patient 62: MALE,        30s, GLOUCESTER CITY        

New Patient 63: FEMALE,   70s, VOORHEES TOWNSHIP 

New Patient 64: FEMALE,   40s, WINSLOW TOWNSHIP 

New Patient 65: FEMALE,   20s, VOORHEES TOWNSHIP 

New Patient 66: FEMALE,   40s, PINE HILL BOROUGH

New Patient 67: MALE,        50s, PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP         

New Patient 68: FEMALE,   50s, WINSLOW TOWNSHIP 

New Patient 69: FEMALE,   50s, LINDENWOLD BOROUGH         

New Patient 70: FEMALE,   60s, VOORHEES TOWNSHIP 

New Patient 71: FEMALE,   30s, SOMERDALE BOROUGH

New Patient 72: MALE,        30s, RUNNEMEDE BOROUGH           

New Patient 73: FEMALE,   70s, GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP        

New Patient 74: MALE,        40s, PENNSAUKEN TOWNSHIP         

New Patient 75: FEMALE,   40s, CHERRY HILL TOWNSHIP  

New Patient 76: FEMALE,   30s, LINDENWOLD BOROUGH         

New Patient 77: MALE,        40s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 78: FEMALE,   30s, WINSLOW TOWNSHIP 

New Patient 79: MALE,        30s, CAMDEN CITY 

New Patient 80: FEMALE,   50s, LINDENWOLD BOROUGH         

New Patient 81: MALE,        30s, HADDONFIELD BOROUGH       

New Patient 82: MALE,        40s, LAWNSIDE BOROUGH

New Patient 83: FEMALE,   60s, GLOUCESTER CITY        

New Patient 84: MALE,        40s, RUNNEMEDE BOROUGH           

The county Health Department is currently working with the NJDOH to trace close contacts of these newest cases. The investigations are still ongoing, and we will update the public with new developments as the information is gathered by our investigators.

Residents should call 9-1-1 during emergencies only, for those with questions or concerns related to the coronavirus, call the free, 24-hour public hotline at 2-1-1 or 1-800-962-1253, where trained professionals are standing by to answer your questions. New Jersey residents can now also text NJCOVID to 898-211 to receive text information and stay informed. To receive live text assistance, residents can text their zip code to 898-211.  More information is also available on the state’s coronavirus at

Information regarding Camden County’s preparations, response, and general information provided to the public is available by visiting Residents should frequently check the county webpage and social media for up-to-date information.

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