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Mayor’s Message: Township officials continuing to monitor COVID-19 pandemic

The Washington Township Municipal Building will remain closed until further notice and all residents are encouraged to continue social distancing.

Washington Township municipal offices to remain closed to the public until further notice, to slow the spread of COVID-19:

To ensure the health and well-being of our employees and residents, the Washington Township Municipal Building will remain closed to the public until further notice. Essential services, such as public safety and trash pick-up, are fully operational.
We will continue to provide services to our residents to the furthest extent possible. Residents are urged to continue to contact Washington Township departments through telephone or email. Please see a list of contact information for each department on the township website at www.TownshipNJ.com or the township calendar that was mailed to each home. Thank you for your cooperation.

We urge you to please follow the most recent guidelines issued by Gov. Murphy, which can be found at www.gov.nj.com. We ask for your cooperation as we do our best to continue non-essential operations in a more limited capacity. More information on how to conduct business can be found at www.business.nj.gov.

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, so please monitor our website and social media outlets for additional information. As we work to lessen the impact of this global pandemic, the health and safety of our neighbors and families is important.

The Washington Township Office of Emergency Management would like to share the following information with residents:

OEM Coordinator Joe Micucci, along with Senior Deputy OEM Coordinator Jason Gonter, are in constant communication with Council President Joe Perry, council members and I. They also speak daily with Washington Township department heads on how to keep the municipal building functioning efficiently and keep them informed of all new information regarding COVID-19.

While communicating with Gloucester County Office of Emergency Management and the Washington Township administration, Joe Micucci and Jason Gonter also host daily conference calls with the Washington Township police, fire and EMS agencies. These meetings are a way for agencies to share information and ask any questions relating to COVID-19. Information is shared on each agency’s efforts in containing COVID-19 to the best of their abilities and to review OEM requests for personal protective equipment. We would like to thank all of our first responders for their dedication and continuing to serve the community despite the potential risks involved. Their hard work and commitment are appreciated and recognized by all.

The Office of Emergency Management has access to all Washington Township residents who are considered at risk or having special needs through our online Register Ready Portal. Some of these individuals have difficulty getting around the house, hearing disabilities, sight disabilities, etc. and are registered for situations such as the COVID-19. Under the direction of myself and my administration, we have reached out to all registered residents to check on their health status and see if there is anything they may need. Thank you Drew Jackson, who is the director of our Mothers’ Cupboard, Police Chief Gurcsik, Washington Township Police Department and all of the volunteers for assisting with food packaging and deliveries.

As always, my administration, the Washington Township OEM, and I are focused on monitoring the COVID-19 situation and taking precautionary steps to ensure the safety of all Washington Township residents. Please help support local businesses whenever possible. Lastly, please also make every effort to practice social distancing.

Joann Gattinelli is the mayor of Washington Township and can be reached at MayorGattinelli@twp.washington.nj.us.

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