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Sun Editorial: We’re still here

The Sun is dedicated to continue reporting during the COVID-19 pandemic

Much like the rest of the country and world, The Sun Newspapers are going to look a little different in the coming weeks.

Our 20 hyperlocal weekly publications will continue to deliver quality journalism directly to your mailbox. What will be different is how we are handling that news in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our editorial team has brainstormed the best ways to disseminate local information regarding the novel coronavirus. If you haven’t already, please visit our website, www.thesunpapers.com, where we are working hard to keep up with information released by local governments, social services and businesses.

You will still see plenty of hyperlocal news in The Sun, including coverage of your municipality, school board, friends and neighbors. What you will also see is broader coronavirus-related coverage, from how our local hospitals are mobilizing to address the pandemic and attending to mental health during this stressful time, to how houses of worship are still reaching parishioners even when their physical doors are closed.

Do you have suggestions? Something you would like to see covered, or resources you would like to see us share? An uplifting story of kindness during this unprecedented time? We encourage you to share your ideas via email. (See the bottom right of this page for your specific Sun’s email address.)

And please remember — we are also a small business, doing everything we can to weather this storm. Much like our reporters and editors have a job to do in keeping information flowing to the public during this time, our advertising team has a job to do in providing an avenue for local businesses and companies to reach the community.

We are doing our best to support the local communities we know and love, and we hope you support The Sun Newspapers — and all of our region’s local businesses — in any way you can.

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