Evesham Twp. helps most vulnerable residents connect with those offering assistance

The municipality will collect requests from its most vulnerable populations, then match those requests with any available aid

As the circumstances surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus) continue to evolve in the coming weeks, the township anticipates there may be residents across Evesham Township who face difficulty accessing food, household essentials and necessary medications.

At the same time, many of Evesham’s residents, nonprofit groups, religious institutions and members of the business community have already begun reaching out to the municipality on their own accord, asking for ways they can safely help those most in need during this difficult time.

With the health and safety of residents in mind, Evesham Township has put measures in place so the township can act as a conduit between those residents who need assistance and those in a position to help.

Moving forward, Evesham Township has established a special phone number at (856) 988-4425 and a special email at covid19help@evesham-nj.gov to receive information from residents who feel they need additional assistance during this trying time.

That phone number and email will also serve as a way to receive information from those across the Evesham community who are willing and able to safely offer assistance.

As the municipality collects requests from Evesham’s most vulnerable populations, the township will then work to match those requests with any available aid that’s been reported to the township.

If a resident with a disability needs assistance picking up a medication, the township will try to find a resident willing to run the errand. If a senior citizen needs a certain food item, the township will try to find a nonprofit group happy to make the donation. If a veteran is homebound or without means, the township will try to find the restaurants eager to offer hot meals.

As Evesham Township work’s to match those in need with those willing to give, Evesham Township believes the municipality can safely oversee that residents receive the assistance they need in a way that allows them to remain secure and healthy.

In organizing this program, the township will work to ensure that residents in need and those offering aid continue to practice the sanitary and social distancing measures needed to help flatten curve of COVID-19 infection and keep our local healthcare system from becoming overburdened.

“In difficult times of the past, the Evesham community has always been willing to come together and give back to those who need it most,” Mayor Jaclyn Veasy said. “It’s extremely comforting to know that even as we face an unprecedented challenge, the Evesham community remains ready and willing to step up once more.”

As all municipally-owned facilities remain closed to members of the general public at this time, the staff in Evesham’s department of Community Affairs at the Gibson House Community Center are in the perfect position to be repurposed to oversee these new assistance efforts.

Evesham Township has also designated the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for the Gibson House Community Center (535 E. Main St.) to serve as drop point for those willing to donate any non-perishable goods and other household supplies to residents who might be in need.

Once again, residents citizens who believe they could use assistance asked to call (856) 988-4425 or email covid19help@evesham-nj.gov.

Volunteers, nonprofit groups, religious institutions or members of the business community looking to offer assistance can reach out through the same phone number and email.