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Monroe police chief advises residents on how to stay safe during the pandemic

DeHart recommends social distancing and other familiar guidelines.


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Police Chief James DeHart and his department are doing their part to keep Monroe Township safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of his advice might sound familiar. DeHart has encouraged social distancing and avoidance of large crowds and hand shaking. He has recommended good hand sanitation and use of sanitizers.

His department is changing some routines, as well. Officers are avoiding shift crossover to prevent cross-contamination. Briefings are held outdoors and less time is spent inside the station.

Officers may ask residents to step outside into the open air when requesting assistance. Some minor matters are discussed over the phone. Additional cleaning protocols have been implemented. The department has a complete staff of full-time officers.

“Be patient, be smart,” DeHart advised. “Social distancing is very important. Stay inside as much as you can. Try to enjoy your life and family within the home and outdoors in the surrounding area.”

The chief wants his sentiments to be encouraging.

“We’re doing the best we can as it’s (the pandemic) continuously unfolding,” he noted. “We’ll stay ready for the next challenge and hopefully get back to normal.”

DeHart wants residents to visit the department website and its Facebook page to stay abreast of the situation, given the continuous updates and constant breaking news.

Residents who need immediate assistance from the police department for a non-emergency 24/7, can call (856) 728-0800. Contact DeHart directly at jjdehart@monroetownshipnj.org.
Visit the township website at https://monroetownshipnj.org.


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