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Golden Eagle title shared by two Seneca students

Students earn the title of Mr. and Ms. Golden Eagle as they learn of the significance of the pageant.

Stand-up comedy, dance performances, singing and a bonus question wrapped up Seneca’s High School’s annual Mr. and Ms. Golden Eagle show March 6, with the title bestowed on two seniors.

Katie Curtis and Jacob Walters were crowned Ms. and Mr. Golden Eagle at the close of the show. They had been among seniors nominated by their teachers for the award, a group  narrowed to 12.

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For Student Council Advisor Erica Maira, the contest embodies the Seneca spirit, mission, integrity and character, all while raising money for the overnight Prom House 110 Carranza drug- and alcohol-free event on March 5.

It’s important because we’re invested in our kids, their safety and well-being,” Maira said of the prom house, a safe space for students after their proms. “We want them to have a safe place to go after prom and slow down prom weekend for them.

Students in the male and female pageant contest raised approximately $1,250 for prom house, with other funds anticipated through the school’s many fundraising ventures.

Hopefuls answered questions literally picked from a fish bowl, many emphasizing they would not change anything about their high school experience. Curtis had a bonus question that turned into a “promposal” by Justin Drayton, who called his legs “upside-down bowling pins.”

Curtis said yes.

I’m proud to represent Seneca High School,” Curtis said of her award. “I’ve lived in Tabernacle my whole life, so to be able to win means a lot.

Nate Roseboro sung a passionate ballad from the children’s cartoon “SpongeBob  SquarePants,” pleading for his snail Gary to come home to him.

Seniors Steph Henske and Ethan Auty, among others, revealed their dance moves, while many contestants sung favorite songs from the ’90s and ’00s or told jokes at their own expense.

Walters — who participates in theater, marching band, and bowling and is an Anti-Defamation League peer trainer — displayed his creativity in dressing as Uncle Sam.

“At Seneca, I don’t think we have ‘cliques, cliques,’ such as the stereotypical high school ones,” he noted. “But I think we have groups with activities to form tighter families, and we are all one true Seneca family.”

Walters added that numerous school activities are organized by student council and outside businesses to keep momentum going following the dazzling spectacle of prom, while teaching students the importance of making sound decisions.”

Medford Ford donates a free car each year for one Prom House 110 Carranza attendee to win.

Meanwhile, Curtis and Walters explained how the pageant culminated their years at Seneca.

My No. 1 recommendation to any freshman: Get involved and do stuff,” Walters noted. “It makes your time here more fun and when you have more fun, you enjoy it.

“I think that’s where the school spirit comes from. It comes from having a blast.”


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