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Service influences Kochan’s philanthropy, life choices

Philanthropy is a calling for Lauren Kochan, and it has prompted her to serve in all capacities possible.

Barriers to success and glass ceilings were not a worry for Lauren Kochan, who cites her drive to serve the community as a factor in her success.

National Rotary clubs emphasize one theme above all others: service above self. Kochan has lived that mantra in Medford and her community efforts have helped her achieve everything she set out to accomplish, including becoming a councilwoman.

Because of volunteer experience over time, I wanted to serve the community in a way where I felt like I had the most impact,” the Medford resident shared. “When I was asked to serve on township council, it was a very natural choice for me.

As an assistant coach for the Medford Youth Athletic Association’s girls field hockey and softball teams; a wife and the mother of two girls and two boys; a runner in various charity events; a technology employee and a councilwoman, Kochan knows a thing or two about being engrossed in a community.

The way that, right now, I am focused on giving back to the community through programs like that is the influence that I have in that type of setting,” she remarked.

But her community involvement has made Kochan a role model for young girls, a humbling title. She believes community involvement is a way for children to recognize the importance of serving in all the capacities they can. It’s a driving point the councilwoman  instills in her own children.

Mindful of the barriers women overcame before her, Kochan said their stories resonate with her, especially during March’s Women’s History Month.

It’s really important that we learn those stories,” she noted, emphasizing an appreciation of women’s achievements beyond just March.

Kochan also notes what her children learn in school, which does not differ from what she learned growing up.

When they (my children) come home and I ask them about their school day, I do see that they’re learning the same things just with more people,” she said. “It’s good! I love that they learn about those things.”

Heated conversations on women and their rights don’t appeal to Kochan, who keeps her focus on Medford. As one of many role models in the community, Kochan’s activities are a reflection of a childhood desire to serve, a goal she hopes will remain relevant for all children.

Starting out with my parents and grandparents and extending out to the community I was raised in, I had some really great role models,” she explained.

“The role models don’t stop coming.”

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