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Sun Editorial: Let’s honor the everyday woman

Women’s History Month time to remember contributions of ordinary women, too

Women’s History Month is not just a time to honor famous women.

It is a time to honor ordinary women.

Yes, it is important to celebrate the trailblazers, the ones who had a strong hand in shaping the world. We need to remember the sacrifices of Susan B. Anthony and the courage of Harriet Tubman. We must not forget the innovation of Marie Curie and the bravery of Amelia Earhart.

But during Women’s History Month, let’s honor all women – not just those with an outstanding feat in their past. Because, to be honest, who is to say what’s outstanding?

What about the stay-at-home mom who raised her children to be kind and strong, or the female CEO who saved her company from bankruptcy? Consider the teacher who helped to mold thousands of young minds. Think about the barista who unfailingly served coffee with a smile, undoubtedly brightening her customers’ days.

Women’s History Month is a chance to acknowledge that all women deserve to be celebrated for their contributions, big and small.

Whether a woman changed the course of history with a groundbreaking discovery, or was a hardworking, dedicated employee who always flew under the radar, she matters and deserves recognition.

After all, what’s ordinary to one person may be rather extraordinary to the next.

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