Letter to the Editor: Cherry Hill is a reassuring example

Your story about Cherry Hill West’s Middle East Club and its young student founder, Maria Mousa (“Students find unique cultural connection,” Sun, Feb.12 to Feb. 18) offered an uplifting and positive commentary on the state of religious/ethnic relations in our community. Significant was the note that club members “have not experienced the same divisions and discrimination on religious grounds at [Cherry Hill] West that they had in the countries of their births.” Instead, Ms. Mousa observes that both Christians and Muslims belong to the club and get along well. 

The article further highlights the acceptance and lack of hostility towards these immigrant Middle Eastern students by the community at large. It is reassuring to see right here in Cherry Hill a shining example of the fact that America remains perhaps the most welcoming and promising nation on earth to those seeking refuge and boundless opportunity.

David S. Bross