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Delran appoints new principal at middle school

Michael Mchale has served Delran as a mathematics teacher and assistant principal during his 18 years within the school district.

Serenity Bishop The Sun: Michael McHale poses at Delran Middle School on Feb. 24. After serving as the assistant principal of the middle school for the last three years, McHale was appointed during the February board of education meeting to be the next principal effective July 1.

Hard work pays off at Delran Middle School.

For Assistant Principal Michael McHale, his journey through education has been a long yet fulfilling one. From receiving the 2001 New Jersey Department of Education Distinguished Teacher Candidate Award to being named the 2013 Delran Middle School Teacher of the Year, McHale has proven to be successful at each point in his career.

Now, after serving the last three years as an assistant principal, McHale is currently preparing for his next position — Delran Middle School principal.

During the February Delran Board of Education meeting, the board appointed McHale as the next principal of Delran Middle School in lieu of the upcoming retirement of current Principal Wendy Luyber.

“It was wonderful to be named the next principal,” said McHale. “It was really a journey. The interview process was pretty grueling. It was tough, but I felt like I did a great job and I felt ready for this position, but to be approved by the board of education with my wife, parents and staff there, it was very exciting.

“The buzz was that there were a lot of good candidates and they all could have probably brought a lot to the table,” McHale added. “I was glad that my track record here, the trust I have built and the social capital with the staff, families and kids propelled me to the next level.”

According to Delran Superintendent Brian Brotschul, McHale brings strong experience to Delran Middle School, having served as a teacher at the highest level while also excelling in his role as a fair, balanced and loyal assistant principal.

“While his experience was of high value, so too was his ability to connect with all families and staff members while continuing to engage the organization in critical areas in order to move the school forward,” said Brotschul. “Mike is an exemplary educator and his vision is closely aligned with the needs and potential of Delran Middle School.”

Luyber agrees with Brotschul, stating McHale has the ability to continue to move the school forward. She is happy that McHale was chosen and believes he will do a great job.

“I am thrilled that Mike has been approved to follow me as the next principal of Delran Middle School,” said Luyber. “Mike has demonstrated his commitment to Delran Middle School over the past 18 years. [He] has earned the support of the staff as our assistant principal these past three years and will continue to inspire them professionally in his new role of principal.

“I am so happy for him and wish him all the best.”

McHale’s new position will become effective as of July 1.

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