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Palmyra Borough Council appoints two student representatives

The council provided several updates regarding parking, holiday lights, volunteering and redevelopment

The Palmyra Borough Council announced several updates regarding parking, holiday lights, volunteering and redevelopment at its monthly meeting Feb. 18. The council also appointed two new students as student representatives. 

After adopting the revised student representative guidelines, council appointed juniors Andrew Yansick and Elizabeth Lake to those positions. The two Palmyra High School students will join current seniors Patrick Tait and Kaya Robinson as the high school’s student representatives to the council. 

“I think bringing in juniors would do a lot,” said Mayor Gina Tait. “It was stopped for a while, but council member Brandon Allmond did a fantastic job bringing it back.” 

“We were afraid that it was going to lose interest, but we feel if we bring on juniors, it won’t,” Tait added. “They had some fantastic ideas of what they want to do, but they just thought that it was just sitting here at meetings.”

According to Tait, Yansick and Lake were chosen by the school after the student council reviewed several applications. Having the student council select the student representatives ensures the borough council has no hand in picking favorites. 

After the short consent agenda, the borough council mentioned several community events currently in the works. Details are being finalized for the annual Easter Egg Hunt  April 4, a rabies clinic April 18 and the Palmyra Downtown and Public Safety Day slated for May 2. 

The board also announced a Rock the Block event April 25 and a Mayor’s Advisory Board meeting March 12 at 7 p.m. Tait urged residents to come out for the meeting, volunteer their time and voice opinions. 

“When I go through town, I see that people have different things that they want done,” she noted. “Whether they’re mad that something didn’t get done or that they want something to be done, come out to the meeting to help me. 

“I’m not able to be everywhere at once, but I want people to come out and tell us what they think is great and what we should expand on,” Tait added. “Perhaps we can get more volunteers.”

The borough council concluded its meeting by discussing updates on holiday decorations and sign ordinances. In regard to the holiday decorations, Councilwomen Farrah Jenkins and Bernadette Russell are in the process of finding a more cost-efficient way to provide lights on the Palmyra Municipal Building. 

For the sign ordinance, council is trying to find a legal way to adhere to a sign issue that at times has caused public property to look messy. The council said it cannot allow some signs such as sports registration and not others, such as political endorsements.


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