Seneca, Cherokee students highlight the schools’ happenings

Wondering what Cherokee and Seneca high schools have done in the past year? Do not worry, the students have it covered.

Cherokee and Seneca high schools have many things to be proud about, all of which happened in the course of one year, as their students hold presentations on the schools’ occurrences.

Cherokee Prinicpal Donna Charlesworth and Seneca Outgoing-Principal Jeff Spector introduced Cherokee students Emma McMillan and Peter Cerria and Seneca students Maddie Miller and Justin Curtis to guide the audience at the Lenape Regional High School District’s Feb. 19 Board of Education meeting.

Highlights of their presentation includes Anti Defamation League No Place for Hate training, lunch and learn activities, Instant Decision Day with state colleges, and hosting Historically Black Colleges and Universities for students of color.

“Cherokee started its first unified basketball program where our special needs students and other students compete and play basketball together,” Cerria said. “It’s a great social inclusion program.”

The Powder Puff game, beating out the sisters schools during the Goodwill Donation Drive, which Cherokee won, were brought up as students rallied to amp up school spirit in terms of being a Chief and community service.

Academic and athletic achievements rounded out Cherokee’s year as Cerria closed out the presentation with Cherokee’s slogan “Once a Chief, always a Chief.”

Before I get started, I wanted to let all of my Seneca students know that Donna wanted me to let you know that Cherokee intends on winning the Goodwill games for the eighth year, and I assured her that’s not the case,” Spector said.

Miller and Curtis led the presentation with Seneca’s special olympics event with students who have special needs, offering a time for them to have a light-hearted competition with students, faculty and the LRHSD administration.

The alternative post-prom celebration, 110 Carranza Prom House, entered the spotlight as Curtis mentioned students are locked in the school until morning hours, completing various activities and participating in a drawing for a car by Medford Ford.

Community service, students breaking school records in the academic and athletic fields, students such as Sabrina Capoli and Meghan Lepsis earning recognitions, and the school offering counseling support to students and faculty affected by loss, among many others rounded out the school’s news.