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‘Charging on’

11 student-athletes commit to various colleges across the country

Over the past 18 years, student-athletes of the senior class at Timber Creek Regional High School have practiced their sport of choice across various levels of competition. From youth and introductory teams to travel teams and more, they’ve competed with the intention of being the best they can be to help their team and school be well represented.

After the nearly two decades of work, 11 student-athletes took part in National Signing Day on Wednesday, Feb. 5 to make their commitment official to participate in their sport at their college of choice as the prepare to graduate as Timber Creek Chargers in June.

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With the program led by Vice Principal of Athletics Rob Milavsky in the crowded library surrounded by parents, coaches and classmates of the signees, he commended the students and their parents for their dedication to always strive for perfection, no matter the challenge.

While the ceremony honored 11 student-athletes, Milavsky pointed out that various additional students at Timber Creek will also be participating in athletics, however have not yet selected their college.

“This is always one of the best days I get to take part in,” Milavsky said. “Today we’re recognizing our 11 student-athletes that have chosen their college of choice and will be participating in that sport, but we do have many others as well… perhaps we’ll have another recognition down the line for them as well.”

While the student-athletes had the opportunity to sign to their college of choice during the after-school ceremony, Milavsky made sure to thank the parents and parental figures in the room that helped guide and make such a dream possible for these special student-athletes over the past 18 years.

“To the parents, thank you very much. This isn’t a one- or two-year thing, this has been a lifelong journey that your children have been on since they’ve been 4, 5 or 6 years old competing in sports,” Milavsky said.

Important to note, Milavsky pointed out, is that these student-athletes are “students” first, and have been dedicated to their schoolwork in order to make it possible to have the grades to attend their college of choice through athletics. According to Milavsky, the 11 student-athletes recognized on National Signing Day have a combined GPA of 3.6, with four boasting a GPA above 4.0.

“They’ve excelling beyond what is even expected of them on the field, but in the classroom as well,” Milavsky said.

Principal Luis Amberths, in the midst of his first year at Timber Creek, said it was a joy to be able to go through the process for the first time in the district and watch these student-athletes compete throughout the year until ultimately being able to celebrate their achievements, in at least one way of many, by making their commitment to their respective college.

“For me as the new principal, I was previously in Pennsauken and we would have a couple [student-athletes] that would do this every year, but this is amazing; the amount of talent that is here, both athletically and academically, is outstanding,” Amberths said. “I’m in awe of what we have here. An event like this speaks to the dedication that not only the students have, but that their families have as well. We talk about creating a community feel, as educators, all the time and this is a product of that.”


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