Bankbridge Horticulture brings home over a dozen 1st place awards

The students participated in the 39th Annual New Jersey Southern Regional Student Flower Show

Photo courtesy of Gloucester County Special Services School District

Bankbridge Regional Horticulture students brought home thirteen 1st-place and three 2nd-place winners from the 39th Annual New Jersey Southern Regional Student Flower Show. This event was held on Friday, Jan. 24, at the Deptford Mall and was sponsored by the Camden Tech-East FFA Chapter of Camden County Technical Schools.

Congratulations to all students on their entries and awards. The winners are listed below:

1st Place
Scott: Bedside arrangement
James: Oriental arrangement
Kat: Boutonniere and Corsage
Nyrie: Thanksgiving arrangement
Andrea: Baby girl arrangement
Conner: Christmas arrangement
Ryder: Flowering dish garden
Gianna: Bridal attendant bouquet and sympathy arrangement
Jacob: Casino arrangement
Derek: Budvase arrangement
Skyler: Bridal bouquet

2nd Place
Angie: Head table arrangement
Aidan: Cactus garden
Carlos: Non-flowering dish garden