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Letter to the Editor: Roger Jacobs

Haddonfield resident praises recent Citizen of the Year honoree.

To the Editor: 

Members of the Haddonfield Men’s 65 Club were very pleased to hear that Stuart Harting has been recognized as Haddonfield’s Citizen of the Year for 2020.

Stuart is the Chairman of the Haddonfield Outdoor Sculpture Trust (HOST), which has provided 20 amazing art installations throughout the Borough, intended to stimulate and provoke thought in addition to adding to the unique quality of life we residents enjoy. His selection was revealed at the Mayor’s Breakfast on Jan. 18 at First Presbyterian Church and sponsored by The Haddonfield Lions. 

In an amazing series of coincidences, Stuart was the guest speaker on Thursday, Jan. 16 at the regular weekly meeting of the 65 Club, and provided an update on the ongoing work of HOST with a slide presentation. That same day, Stuart appeared in a photo on the front page of the Haddonfield Sun during an unveiling of the most recent HOST installation outside of Grace Episcopal Church.

Attendees at Stuart’s presentation at 65 Club easily understood why he was selected. Nineteen years ago, Haddy was the first piece of sculpture displayed in town. During the past few years, Stuart and his committee have worked tirelessly and successfully to add to the collection of art work which graces our town. Stuart discovered many of the pieces and has negotiated their placement with their artists. Some have been donated, some purchased, while others are on loan to this privately funded trust.

Stuart was an easy choice this year and joins a long list of 65 Club members who have earned this honor, including: Jack Tarditi (1979), Charles Evans (1993), Joe Haro (1996), Bill Brown (1997), Dr. Bill Reynolds (1998), DeForest Brees (2004), Bob Parsons (2014), Thomas Baird (2016) and Robert Turner (2018).

Haddonfield 65 Club, the Retired Men’s Club of Haddonfield, congratulates and honors our newest Citizen of the Year!

Roger W. Jacobs

Haddonfield, N.J.

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