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Sun Editorial: Run after a healthier lifestyle

From fitness to food, New Jersey offers a myriad of ways to stay healthy

Lose weight. Exercise more. Americans put those resolutions at the top of their list every New Year, and a recent WalletHub study has good news for locals who subscribe to these aspirations.

Of the country’s 100 biggest cities, nearby Philadelphia ranked 13th best for an active lifestyle.

Even better news? You don’t need to leave the Garden State to fulfill a desire to stay fit, active and healthy.

It’s easy to head outdoors and take advantage of a multitude of options to keep your heart rate up. Our region is home to beautiful parks and playgrounds, public sports fields and courts and robust trail systems. There’s something for everyone — you’ve just got to slip on those sneakers and find it.

Not into a classic fitness routine? Chase your kids at a playground or play fetch with Fido at a park. Organized sports more your jam? A quick Google search — or even a simple query in a Facebook community group — will yield seemingly endless options for intramural teams welcoming new members. More of an adventurer? Check out southjerseytrails.org for an impressive compendium of trekking trips.

Not looking to head outdoors in the winter? No worries. There are any number of quality fitness centers throughout the area in a range of price points. Don’t want to commit to a full membership? Sign up for a fitness boot camp, or take individual Zumba or Crossfit classes instead. A little research will go a long way in finding the right fit for your budget and lifestyle.

An active lifestyle is supplemented by a thoughtful diet, and that’s not hard to achieve in New Jersey either. After all, we are the Garden State. Saute and simmer hearty local vegetables and fruits for your meal plan. Added bonus? You’ll be supporting farmers and stimulating the local economy, too.

So, if your resolution was to get healthy (or maybe right about now you’re realizing this all sounds like a pretty great idea), think outside the box and take advantage of all the local region has to offer in the realm of health-conscious living.

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