Rescue squad honors fallen employee for spotlight

An ode was paid to a fallen squad member as the rescue squad continues its monthly spotlight.

Photo gallery of Edward Sheasley during many points of his career with the Tabernacle Rescue Squad (Tabernacle Rescue Squad/Special to The Sun).

Member spotlight: It seems more than appropriate to dedicate this month to our friend Edward Sheasley and his memory.

Ed joined the Tabernacle Rescue Squad in 1977 following in the footsteps of his parents who were both members. The kitchen in our old building, where so many chicken BBQ dinners have been prepared, is dedicated in his mother’s memory. Ed quickly showed service and dedication ran in the family.

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Ed moved through the ranks while serving others; eventually achieving the rank of “captain” which at that time was the chief officer. Many of us will remember him most as our engineer, a position which seemed tailor made for him and will forever be held to his high standard.

After taking some time away from the squad he returned as a special operations member and our engineer. There are very few pieces of apparatus or equipment his hands have not touched. When outside agencies or vendors would compliment a mount or design on our apparatus, our answer to “Where did you get that?” was always “Eddie.” A fabricator, fixer and reality maker Ed always used his talent and skill to make our agency, and by default, the lives of our volunteers and patients, better.

Ed was a staple around the squad. There were very few afternoons that didn’t include Ed “stopping by to check up” on his way home from work. There were very few drills where you didn’t find Ed pulling a line, running a truck or bettering a piece of equipment. Most importantly, there were very few times when an award was given for an act of valor or life save that Ed wasn’t standing quietly in the line of recipients.

During every one of those above moments, Ed was dispensing advice and guidance to our younger members, almost always with a story, and always in friendship.

It’s no surprise that his better half, Elva, and daughter Kristina are both members of our squad as well. The entire family is service minded; we can’t imagine having loved or being raised by Ed and not being so.

The void he leaves behind will be deeply felt, but the legacy he leaves will be felt even more greatly. Tabernacle Rescue Squad has been blessed with a myriad of fine volunteers over the years; many of us owe some moment of guidance and learning to our friend Ed Sheasley.

We appreciate and celebrate his life and continue to remember his family.

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