Palmyra honors Educators and Educational Service Professionals of the Year

At the Palmyra Board of Education meeting on Wednesday, Jan. 8, the board and superintendent Brian McBride honored several teachers and administration members.

Serenity Bishop The Sun: Palmyra Middle School and High School Educational Services Professional of the Year, Nettie Laws, being honored at the Palmyra Board of Education meeting by board President Sean Toner and Palmyra High School Assistant Principal Jared Toscano on Wednesday, Jan. 9. Laws works with the students in the Palmyra Learning Academy and has been with the district for 17 years.

The Palmyra Board of Education and Superintendent Brian McBride honored several teachers and educational service professionals of the year during a meeting Jan. 8.

Each year, teachers from Palmyra High School, Palmyra Middle School and Charles Street School are nominated by peers, committees, teachers and parents for teacher of the year.

This year, the winners are: Charles Street School Teacher of the Year Melanie Gerner, Charles Street School Education Service Professional of the Year Mary Delrossi-Bishop, Palmyra Middle School Teacher of the Year Terry Wallace, Palmyra High School Teacher of the Year Katie Salvo and Palmyra Middle School and High School Education Service  Professional of the Year Nettie Laws.

To begin the presentation, Charles Street School Principal Chris Tracey spoke about both fourth grade teacher Gerner and educational service professional Delrossi-Bishop, who has been the Palmyra school district nurse since 2014.

“Ms. Delrossi-Bishop’s nomination from her coworkers read, ‘We nominated Mary Delrossi- Bishop because we believe she goes above and beyond her position as school nurse.’ Mary has an open-door policy with her students, whether to discuss personal academic or behavioral concerns,” Tracey said.

“She is always ready, and willing to offer a distraction or a quiet place to have lunch or a listening ear. Mary also offers support and direction for families struggling with health,  social or emotional issues.”

“Gerner is a calm, steady influence throughout the building and is widely respected by her peers, administration, parents and most importantly, her students,” Tracey noted. “She was nominated by multiple people and one of the nomination forms read, ‘I was lucky to have Ms. Gerner teach all three of my children. She taught them how to build character, motivated and inspired them to work hard.

“‘Her success has prepared them for life ahead.’”

For the Palmyra High School and Middle School Educators and Educational Professional of the Year, high school and middle school Assistant Principal Jared Toscano spoke about eighth grade English teacher Terry Wallace, Spanish teacher Katie Salvo and education service professional Nettie Laws.

“Ms. Wallace has served the Palmyra School District for over 40 years,” Toscano acknowledged. “She has amazing rapport with her students and her infectious passion for teaching children is truly inspiring.

“It doesn’t get any better than Ms. Wallace. We are blessed and lucky to have her.”

“Ms. Salvo is currently in her 18 years teaching at Palmyra High School,” the assistant principal said. “She is a dedicated and professional member of the Palmyra school family. She always projects a positive energy and a willingness to help.

“In the classrooms she works hard to keep the academic standards high and have a fun atmosphere.”

“Nettie Laws has been a proud Palmyra employee for the last 18 years,” Toscano explained. “She has worked with numerous teachers, but she has currently found a home at the Palmyra Learning Academy.

“Although strict when she needs to be, she can be found laughing and smiling because she truly enjoys her work and excels at it.”