Voorhees Township hosts reorganization meeting

New councilwoman sworn in, Mignogna to continue to serve as Mayor

The Voorhees Township Committee hosted its reorganization meeting for 2020 on Jan. 6 at the Voorhees Town Center and also swore in a new councilwoman.

Jacklyn Fetbroyt was elected in November after receiving 82.18 percent of the vote against an independent candidate. The seat was open due to Michael Freidman’s decision not to seek re-election after nine years with the committee.

After being sworn in, Fetbroyt thanked members of township committee, township officials, members of the Voorhees community and others for their support and help in gaining a seat on the committee. As an elected official, Fetbroyt looks forward to helping improve her hometown in any way she can.

“I want to thank our residents, I want to thank this community in which I grew up,” she  said. “I attended school [here] and returned to raise my family because of how much I value and love this town.”

Fetbroyt said she has a primary goal she hopes to accomplish throughout her term.

“I do want to express … my primary goal, and I do have a promise,” she noted. “I know there’s lots of jokes about politicians and government and promises, but I do have a promise that I can keep and I will keep; I want to be the ears of this committee for you. I want to listen …

“I really want to be sure that we are engaging in conversations, from today and forward throughout my term, about what you all as residents of this town see, what you love, what you would like to see changed.”

After Fetbroyt’s comments, the committee unanimously voted in favor of Michael Mignogna as mayor of Voorhees Township, while Jason Ravitz and Michelle Nocito were both nominated and selected to serve as co-deputy mayors for the second straight year.

Addressing the room after being sworn in, Mignogna highlighted a few important topics from the previous year, including the redevelopment of the Voorhees Town Center.

“This town center, imagine this, is once again ready to go over another makeover,” the mayor said. “One of our biggest challenges is this town center and we’re bringing in Brandywine Financial to hopefully give it the makeover it needs.

“I’ve often said that this is the heartbeat of our community — well, our heartbeat needs CPR. I think that Brandywine Financial may be the one to do it.”

The Sun previously reported on potential opportunities for the center, including an indoor Jake’s Place location, 180 additional town homes, bars, breweries and more.

Mignogna also recapped the numerous projects completed by the township’s public works department, such as the repaving of streets and roads, safety measures made to township intersections and walkways and improvements to township playgrounds.

Going forward, Mignogna said he looks forward to — among other things — expanding shared services agreements with neighboring communities in order to best utilize resources while also making Voorhees Township business friendly.