Cinnaminson Board of Education members Trampe, Turner, Bramhall sworn in at recent meeting

The Cinnaminson Board of Education held their annual reorganization meeting on Thursday, Jan. 2 at the Cinnaminson Middle School.

Serenity Bishop The Sun: Christine Turner, Michael Bramhall and Christine Trampe pose for a picture at the Cinnaminson Board of Education meeting on Jan. 2. These three board members were officially sworn in after being reelected to three year terms.

The Cinnaminson Board of Education held its annual reorganization meeting last Thursday  at Cinnaminson Middle School.

While the board has the same look, board members Michael Bramhall, Christine Trampe and Christine Turner want to continue their work. During the November election, the three  were unanimously reelected to the board for three-year terms. 

“I’m excited to be back on the board as a mom of three kids,” said Trampe. “I am also a middle-school principal so I’m excited to assist my community and help my students in an area I work in daily.

“I’m excited to be able to serve my community in the world of education and culture.” 

“I’m honored to be back on the board. It’s an honor to serve Cinnaminson,” Bramhall noted. “As a father of five kids … it’s great to be a part of the school district. I think the school district is heading into a great direction.

“I’m excited to be part of it and I will do what I can to help.” 

Turner mentioned specific projects Cinnaminson has started. One of the most anticipated programs she wants to see grow is the Class Three Officers the school district now has to ensure safety.

Trampe, Turner and Bramhall also discussed and expressed excitement about several projects and programs that have and will positively affect township students. 

“We’re excited about our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) initiative; the continued success of our sports programs; school safety; updating our technology; and our fine arts programs when it comes to band, music and theatre,” said Trampe.

She also mentioned the counseling and robotics programs and township building initiatives. “With our building remodels, we are excited to see that they’re now being able to see our community use them,” she noted. “Which is a testament to all the hard work from everyone.” 

In a recent interview, Superintendent Stephen Cappello reinforced several of the statements from board members about the new year, including the goals of having Cinnaminson schools enhance technology and provide students with new programs to enhance their education.

“We’re constantly trying to put more tech in the hands of students and teachers to increase the educational opportunity,” Cappello explained.

“We’re really excited about it all.”