New Committeeman Adam Wingate sworn in at latest Harrison Township meeting

Adam Wingate was sworn in to begin his first term during the committee’s reorganization meeting on Jan. 2

Senate President Steve Sweeney swore in newcomer Adam Wingate to the Harrison Township Committee.

Harrison Township Committee newcomer Adam Wingate was sworn in to his first term during the committee’s reorganization meeting last week at the township municipal building.  

“It’s an honor and a privilege to work with and for the residents of Harrison Township, and I’m truly grateful for this opportunity,” said Wingate. “I’d like to thank my mother, Judy, and my father, Dave, both lifelong residents of Harrison Township. You both advised and taught me everything a son could hope and ask for. I’d also like to thank my wife, Rebecca, for being behind me and supporting me and knowing what this town means to me and helping me out over the last year in this journey.” 

Senate President Steve Sweeney was in attendance at the Jan. 2 meeting to deliver the oath of office to Mayor Lou Manzo, Deputy Mayor Don Heim, Committeeman John Williams and Wingate.

“This community is really on the rise,” said Sweeney. “It really takes teamwork and the people [on the committee] have always worked together. I know some CEOs of some very large national companies, and they were looking where to locate.

“Everyone always goes to Moorestown, but they came here, the senator added. “They said it’s better, and it’s more affordable on top of everything else. That’s probably as big a compliment as you can get, that this is going to be the new Moorestown in South Jersey.” 

Williams and Wingate were elected in 2019 to serve on the committee. Manzo and Heim were also sworn in during the ceremony. 

Later in the meeting, Manzo ended his speech by jokingly referring to Sweeney’s comparison with Moorestown. 

“The new Moorestown? Come on,” Manzo insisted. “We already think we’re head and shoulders above Moorestown.”